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  1. Hello! I have not posted on here in a very long time. I have been accepted to Nursing school for the Fall semester of 2019. I’m ecstatic! I still have to take my TEAS exam and successfully pass though. I have taken A&P1 and passed with a B+ and currently am taking A&P2. I usually am not one to complain, but my professor is not organized and his teaching is very confusing. I am so thankful for passing 1, but I am afraid that I will not retain as much as I need. And as for 2, I am having a very hard time with grasping the information. He decided to do a “flipped classroom approach” for the endocrine system and special senses chapter at the beginning of the semester. This is where you are doing lectures at home with videos and learning the material before class . We then would go over questions in class. It was terrible. I still don’t feel I have a grasp on the endocrine system and some of the senses. My main reason for writing this is because I am extremely discouraged. It’s a dream I even was accepted and I am feeling very underprepared from this class. Is it common for people to struggle in anatomy and possibly but still pass and then make it to nursing school and do well? As for the body systems...I am afraid I am not comprehending in depth how the heart really works. I have been watching people on YouTube and I grasp it better when they explain things then when I get his lectures and hear him teach. Needless to say, I have a feeling I will pass A&P2 and move forward. Just wondering how it will affect me in the long run considering I did not have a good professor and am really putting in the time and effort. I don’t want to be clueless in nursing school or struggle badly. i would love to hear from Nurses, students or anyone who wants to offer any advice on anatomy and physiology and what it’s really like in nursing school. Thank you so much!
  2. Hannah10

    I Wasn't Called to Nursing, I Just Showed Up

    That is beautiful. Truly how I feel. The title of your post really pulled me in, and I was captivated right to the end with each line your wrote. I wish you the best in all you do and never doubt yourself! Know that there is a place, time and season for everything you do in life. You have a beautiful heart! Enjoy the ride and remember that a grade is a grade. The letter doesn't make the Nurse or healthcare professional! Take care. : }
  3. Hey everyone! I would like to have some outside opinions, thoughts, advice, or wisdom on something I'd like to do pertaining to my FUTURE in Healthcare. You can share your personal experiences or stories too! I'd truly would love to read. Without going into a ton of details about my personal life (and not to bore you), I currently work at a hospital (4 1/2 years, almost 5 years). I worked throughout the whole 4 1/2 years in Nutritional Services (Food services). I got a job on a med surge/Cardiac floor just about a year ago. I currently do BOTH jobs and enjoy them very much. Always wanted to be a Nurse, and was on a set path and was going for it for a couple years and then some things happened that put me back and had some on and off discouragement. I am currently taking a break and maybe down the road and in the near future, I will pursue my goal again, but I am very content and happy now. From Nutritional Services alone, I have learned how to distinguish between different diet orders, supplements, tube feedings, Fluid Restrictions, Carb counts, how to interact with patients and their families, and countless other things. (I love it) I am NOT a Certified Nurse's Aide. Was trained a couple months and went through Orientation for about a week to become a Care Attendant (Nurse's Aide). ***Lately it has been on my mind and heart to do SECRETARY work. I was asked if I wanted to be cross-trained to do secretary work and still be an Aide. I declined it at the time because I wasn't sure if I'd be able to sit at a desk doing secretary work for 12 ½ hours (my shift/nights). Gave it a lot of thought and decided that I'd actually really WANT to be trained. I am very passionate for the Medical field and very intrigued with it. I love the hospital setting. I truly just want to learn and soak in as much as I can and even if things don't work out for nursing school, I would be completely fine. I truly want to absorb the many tasks, Medical terms, assignments and even the pressures of Secretary work. MY POINT: IF I decide to continue onto Nursing school, I WANT to be ready for the vigorous, countless hours studying and the stress of the classes, clinical and exams. ***I would like to get my CNA license (to be certified, taught on the books, and with instructors) and have practice for exams and test taking. I also WANT to do secretary work.*** I know it'd help if I became a Nurse, but if not, I'm very much satisfied and happy. Thoughts? Personal stories? Advice? I'd love to hear from you guys. Thanks so much for reading. I know it's a bit lengthy. I am just excited for the next season in my life.
  4. Hannah10

    Med-surg CNAs: Looking for advice?

    That is wonderful! I'm sure you have gained more experience from when you posted this. I work on a Med/surge-Cardiac/telemetry unit at my hospital and our patient census and their needs can vary from patient to patient. I always try to keep a mini check list in my head and make note of each patient and their needs. Make a note on if they are a 1 assist, 2/3 assist or independent, if they are incontinent, independent or have a Foley. Turn and position people (If they are not able to turn themselves), keep their call light near them at all times, bed alarms, making your hourly rounds, making a note in any sudden physical or emotional states for your patients and in all this....always be communicating with the designated Nurse and charting. Not sure how your floor is run and the rules and regulations for Aides in your state, but im sure you have things down. Have fun!
  5. Hannah10

    unit secretary?

    Secretary work has been on my mind and heart lately. I have been a Care Attendant (Nursing Assistant) for about a year now and worked in Nutritional Services for about 4 1/2 years (almost 5 years). Still do. I've wanted to be a Nurse from as long as I could remember. The last year or so I've been battling that desire and passion and felt I wouldn't be able to. It's discouragement that I feel everyone has experienced as a Nursing Student and Nurse. I talked to a Critical Care Nurse that went from being a Care Attendant/Unit Secretary to being an RN. She said that having those skills helped her in Nursing School and being a Nurse. She learned the Computer system, how to use the phones and medical terminology. After reading your comment, it truly has confirmed the want to start doing secretary work. I want to soak in as much as I can before I take the leap towards Nursing school and being a future RN. Thank you for your reply....I know it helped not only me, but others as well.
  6. I wanted to be a Nurse ever since I could remember. I currently work in a local hospital as a Nursing assistant and love my job. I work along side the Nurses and after seeing what they do really makes me reconsider my whole career plans, wants, desires and I feel my passion for a future to attend Nursing school is no longer something I desire. I am not fresh out of high school, but at the time, I was taking classes to go towards Nursing school. I was placed into a "Pre-Nursing" study plan. They ended up switching around the program at the school I was attending. The waiting list was absurd. Major trouble with A&P and dropping it a few times. I was going to try to find a good EMT program, or LPN or Respitory or even Radiology, Nothing has stuck or seemed as wonderful as Nursing has. I LOVE the medical field and CANNOT imagine myself going into any other work field...college degree or not. I go back and forth daily on if I should do it or not. A handful of Nurses really inspire me to the max and I just love them dearly. But the paperwork and some of the things that they are obligated to do is just something else. I want it and then I don't. Just so confused and can't understand why I wanted it SO bad before. FOR YEARS. Interned and everything. I was placed on a waiting list and didn't get into one school cause they wanted my A&P done. I understand the hospital setting isn't the only place I could work as well...even thought I LOVE it there. Just been on the fence the last 10 months. Pretty much when I started as an Aide. It's sad. Feel like I wasted so much time and money on school and have nothing to show for it..as a degree. I know it isn't a big deal, at least to me it isn't. Money isn't everything. Have to enjoy your job. Anyone gone through a similar situation? Does anyone have any advice for me? It would be so nice to read. I came to this site to seek some wisdom or advice from others who currently are in the medical field or looking to do so. Thank you so much, and God bless you guys! -Hannah