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  1. CDC update on masks

    Thanks to all who have answered. It helps to know what others are seeing.
  2. CDC update on masks

    Does anyone else think this update (link below) means we might not have to wear masks all of the time? It seems like it to me, but I think there would have been an uproar already if it was.
  3. Stay lock for IV tubing

    I was thinking it might take the paint off whatever it was stuck to.
  4. Potassium IV hack

    This would seem to violate the "right route" - you are doing something with the aministration that wasn't ordered. It may be harmless or it may not be, but I believe it is outside of our scope of practice. I would advise that you confirm with t...
  5. How to handle unhealthy work environment?

    I've worked somewhere very similar sounding. I didn't care one way or the other what they said or did, but they eventually started to threaten my job. Be that person that doesn't take that kind of crap. Leave. It's not good for you. Nursi...
  6. It probably varies by geographical region and hospital, but what I've seen is the more important aspect is how qualified you are for the position versus other applicants.
  7. Tips on joining the Cath Lab?

    Having worked in the CVOR, with some minor overlap with the cath lab... I'd say learn to see in the dark, enjoy wearing lead, and practice sucking up to enormous egos... ? OK - trying to be helpful - don't you meet the cath lab doctors and n...
  8. Are you saying that you look up your mother's records on the EMR? I was under the impression that was illegal.
  9. Maybe Placement Issue should be first on the list?
  10. Encephalopathy. Lots of variants of AMS.
  11. Why Do Nurses Quit?

    I was in a magnet hospital with a residency program. See my previous comment on why I left nursing.
  12. Why Do Nurses Quit?

    I had a professional career for almost 20 years before I went to nursing school. I'm not a snowflake or a wimp, and I don't take anything personally at work. I learned that a long time ago. I had wanted to be a nurse for at least 15 years. And I ...
  13. I was just discussing this with my husband this morning. I was in another profession (one of the "white collar" ones, male dominated) for 20 years before I went into nursing. I can't believe how unprofessional nursing is. I don't think it's becaus...
  14. Boise State Spring 2014 - when will they tell us?

    Thanks Arianna, From what I can tell, they mean to get you an answer by Dec. 1, they hope to get you an answer by early November, and they are sometimes very early. I found out (yeah!) at the end of October. I hope to see you soon in school! Rachael