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  1. fsuao2006

    Moving California. Insight on pay scale etc?

    You sound like me years ago... From Florida, wanted higher pay, ratios and hey! how about that weather!? haha. I took a 3 month travel contract in San Bernardino... HATED it.. went back to Florida for a few years... decided I wanted to give san diego a shot and I was tired of making pennies working in florida... on a whim I applied and got 4 job offers within a week at multiple hospitals here in San Diego.. (ER exp)..mind you, I am single, no kids, no boyfriend, etc. my only expense payment is for my student loans and my current job requires me to take call. If I was not taking call I could NOT afford to live here. My 600 sq ft 1 bedroom apartment is $2100 a month. I have a pet which makes things more difficult with housing but my friend with no pets just got a 1 bedroom for $1600 in my neighborhood but doesn't have near the amenities that I do. rates for so cal are all within $10/hr in all the hospitals in the $45-$55 pay scale. sounds like a lot coming from NC but with taxes, and the increased pay of everything you'll be living paycheck to paycheck if you have any sort of monthly payment other than your utilities. I've been here 2 years and have had a great experience in san diego but I have come to realize that I will NEVER be able to afford housing here on my own. I am going back to NP school and will be returning back to Florida so I can scale back my hours and not be homeless in the process. My suggestion is to take a travel assignment in different areas and decide from there.
  2. fsuao2006

    APRN Dual Certifications Benefits?

    Does anyone think the dual role in the case of FNP/ACPNP is worth it? trying to decide between an FNP or dual program. Currently work in procedures, have experience in ER, have considered urgent care/procedure type of NP but would probably be happy in a clinic area as well.
  3. fsuao2006

    PMHNP Salary in So Cal

    I live in San Diego, currently working as an RN. I make more $$ here than my PA friends. I would NOT become an NP if I were to stay in California. PA on my unit, salary at $115,000 a year, 5 days a week with call weekends every 3 weeks. She moonlights in an ER and makes $75/hr. She said if she could do it all over again she would have become a nurse. Meanwhile I work hourly with plenty of opportunity for overtime. I work 4 days a week and my 5th day is OT, at the end of the day my paycheck is more than hers.. I have 6 years of critical care exp.