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  1. fsuao2006

    University of West Florida FNP

    you heard via phone call on a saturday? Thats strange. What does your application status say on the myuwf portal? I just checked mine and it says "applied"
  2. fsuao2006

    So Burnt Out-Help

    I was in your situation in the ED as well. I currently work in IR and needed that break. (I've been in it for 2.5 years) I am currently looking to get my foot back in the door for PRN ER now that I feel that I've had the break that I needed. The issue I'm having is finding anyone let me go back to ER after such a long time away. Be sure to keep a PRN job in the ED while you are working in another unit. You never know what will happen!
  3. NSTICU (Neuro surgical trauma) and CVICU I think they both have 38 beds each
  4. fsuao2006

    UCSD ER Interview

    I've interviewed with them, they ask a lot of situational questions, how do you handle an angry patient, what do you do if a doctor tells you to do something you don't feel comfortable with, etc. it was a panel interview with about 4 people. They wanted you to be available to float to all locations.
  5. I work at scripps, not in the ICU but I do go up to the ICU floors daily since we work very closely with the NST nurses doing Neuro and vascular access. The nurses are great, the rooms are all brand new and HUGE (less than 5 yrs old). No lie I would happily move in one of those rooms instead of my tiny apartment.. they have floor to ceiling windows overlooking the mountains of san diego. Anyway, we are a level 2 trauma center that is moving forward to being a level 1. Working conditions are great, no union but we do get breaks. I am part of the interview panel for my unit and we just interviewed an ICU RN who wanted to come to our department (burnt out on ICU) but she worked there 10 yrs and she did say that was the best teamwork she's ever been a part of. San Diego is a great place if you can get into one of the hospital systems! good luck!
  6. Got my snail mail but no email. I live in California.
  7. Mine still says "submitted" only, no in progress like yours, but I also applied for a different track.
  8. is that the nursing cas website?
  9. If you guys get in will you continue to work full time during clinicals? do you have a PRN job? I currently work 4 10's M-F. I know that won't be doable once clinicals start and am trying to figure out my plan.... I need ideas!
  10. I ran across a stats page comparing the best MSN online programs and saw USA has a 71% acceptance rate!
  11. I see it from the perspective of following directions as requested... submitting an extra document can make them think you didn't follow directions and that possibly sway negatively in the decision making process. just my
  12. fsuao2006

    University of South Alabama dual FNP/ACNP Fall 2019

    from what i read on the previous year posts we should hear at the end of august
  13. Deadline today! The countdown begins to decision day!! good luck everyone
  14. USA's FNP MSN program is a little over 2 years.
  15. Applying to the Dual MSN program, 6 years RN experience.
  16. fsuao2006

    Student Loans and Debt

    NO NO NO and NO!!! do not even think about taking out that kind of loan if you aren't going to be an MD... go the traditional route and get your 2 year RN, start working, then RN-BSN and once you have some years get the NP. There are many hospitals that will do tuition reimbursement along with grants/scholarships once you get started. Taking out $175K when you'll be lucky to clear $120K is just plain STUPID! I spent $7K on my AA, my job paid for my BSN and I'm about to enter grad school with 2 different options of either $20K for a FNP program or $35K for a dual program that are both online. My hospital does a small tuition reimbursement but the loans I will need to take out are doable to pay off quickly within 5 years of obtaining my degree.

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