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  1. Death of a Dream

    I wonder what is the point of this article? The ever-so-dramatic title of "Death of a Dream" - people have shown you ways to make things work *if* you really want to....However, you have an excuse a minute of why those suggestions won't work for you ...
  2. Engagement Ring help!

    Diamond jewelry has an enormous markup in stores....We were too broke in the beginning to splurge on an expensive ring and I was fine with waiting a few years. We found my ring set at an estate sale. 2-3/4 carat platinum for 2K....original paperwork ...
  3. Doctors want Dr. Oz off Columbia medical faculty

    THIS!!! I couldn't have said it better myself!
  4. Nurses against Narcotic Abuse

    I'm on board with you and completely agree prescription pain medications are a huge health threat, in addition to many other prescription medications. When I was working, I got increasingly tired of being a part of a health care system seemingly run ...
  5. For AAA patients

    Yes, thank you for the correction....My grandma had an inoperable AAA so we knew it was coming. Her last CT had shown 8cm....In the few days leading up to it, she started vomiting coffee grounds and felt very sick. Once it dissected/ruptured, she scr...
  6. For AAA patients

    A ruptured AAA can cause excruciating pain and someone can take up to a few hours before they actually die. If not done already, I would make sure you guys already have orders for comfort measures for immediate use once it happens.
  7. Death of a Dream

    Oh honey, don't assume. I was a widow and single mom for 5 years while putting myself through my LPN program, during which I met my husband now. I lived 300 miles away from any family and since I had a bachelor's in another field prior to my LPN prog...
  8. Death of a Dream

    You brought up details about your family, so of course people are going to comment...I once had a family living in a rental house that never paid their rent on time. I listened to the sob stories for months and the wife said she only made $150 a week...
  9. UPS Drivers make HOW much????

    Nurses are underpaid - yes. I will never understand though why there are always so many threads not understanding why other fields like ---INSERT OTHER CAREER HERE --- could possibly get paid more than nurses along with some justification on why ---O...
  10. Death of a Dream

    I don't understand how he is a crew leader at his job, yet only making $1000 a month.....and he's gone weeks at a time. Anyways, my plans to become an RN after LPN school didn't work out how I wanted until recently when I got accepted to a bridge pr...
  11. Neuro/EEG/Sleep Techs

    Thank you for your reply!
  12. Confused guy seeking help

    Radiation therapy is dead in my area for job prospects. Have you thought about radiography or sonography? Radiography is an associates, but with your bachelor's, it would make you a nice candidate down the road as a lead tech or something maybe.
  13. Neuro/EEG/Sleep Techs

    Is anyone on here an EEG tech? Is this a good field to get into right now? Do you like your job? I asked this question on the Neuro Nursing forum, but it doesn't seem to be too busy. Pay wise how does it compare to an RN in your area? Thank you in ad...
  14. The Official I Hate School Thread

    A thunder shirt worked wonders for my in-laws dog, especially on 4th of July.
  15. Convicted of murder as a teen and now a nurse

    Again, 11 pages and nobody has said with 100% certainty that the person with a nursing license is actually proven to be the same girl and not just someone else with the same name? Best I can tell, one website said that only 1 person in the US has tha...