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  1. 819Nurse

    AmeriTech College RN-BSN online program

    Just an update.... still in the Online RN-BSN Program at Amertiech College. doing good, great grades, but the work can be time consuming at times. But this program definitely is doable And i'm still working full time. I am scheduled to finish April 2019.
  2. 819Nurse

    Case Management/Utilization Review?

  3. both hospitals I have worked for in the past has ALWAYS done hospital week instead of nurses week. so much so, I don't even know when nurses week is anymore. lol
  4. 819Nurse

    AmeriTech College RN-BSN online program

    I sure am hoping so. thank you so much!
  5. Hey, after careful research and taking everything into consideration I wanted in an online BSN program I decided to attend Ameritech's online RN BSN completion program. I start May 7th 2018. I am starting this thread for anyone who may want to know how the program is, just in case they were curious or were deciding to enroll in the future. I will come back and post as much as I can and as much I can remember to this thread just to keep it updated. I was able to transfer in 3 of the 4 gen ed course they require, so the only gen ed course I have to take is Stats. the rest will be nursing courses. all together I have to take 10 courses. I would scheduled to take 2 classes at a time, and would have been done Feb 2019. but decided to take my first class, (stats) and my last class (capstone) by themselves. so I am scheduled to complete the program in April 2019. a little less than 1 year. After graduating from the program I will be eligible to board certification to be recognized as a holistic nurse, either the HN-BC or the HNB-BC. both of these examinations are nationally accredited and ANCC magnet recognized. I do know the Assc degree program at this school is very expensive, but the BSN online program seems to be around the same pricing as a lot of other online programs (with the exception of WGU and Capella FlexPath). but pricing really depends on how many of the 4 gen ed courses you can transfer into the program. Either way I am happy with my choice and decision. Please feel free to ask questions.
  6. 819Nurse

    Bridge from Lpn to Rn

    https://allnurses.com/general-nursing-discussion/beware-of-online-1158047.html read this post here from all nurses. Please pass this along to as many people as you can. In other words, STAY AWAY FROM ACHEIVE TEST PREP. you can also do a search here on all nurses to find any threads started regarding LPN to RN/BSN bridge programs.
  7. 819Nurse

    RN-BSN Making an Informed Decision

    Good job and congrads!!!
  8. 819Nurse

    Relocating to Columbus after ADN - Opinions??

    Once you pass boards, APPLY APPLY APPLY!! Columbus is NOT as oversstured at one may think, but it is still oversturated. I am an ADN RN, and i had a hospital job with Mount Carmel, which i loved loved loved!!! They do require you to sign a contract stating you will recieve your BSN in 4 years. Also, apply for New Grad programs. i know OhioHealth always advertising for their new grad program. Mount Carmel as well. May be a lottle harder for you to get into OSU, as everyone wants to work their to get the state benefits. Also try LTACH Select Specialty, i worked there as well.was not the best place to work, butigained invaluable experience which opened doors to the hospital position i was able to acquire at Mount Carmel. Wow them on your interview, and im positive you will prevail. Good luck to you!! p.s. i only left the hospital, for a mon-fri job. i didnt want to work weekends or holidays any more. buti wilk be returning to bedside care, just dont know when. most likely after i obtain my BSN. i miss bedside nursing.
  9. 819Nurse

    RN to BSN--Grand Canyon University

    Oh wow! hopefully GCU is aware of this and is informing potential students who live in the state of Washington, this. I tried to look on the Ohio Board of Nursing website for the school i have chosen to attend for my BSN and saw no such thing. Im not aware of Ohio having such strict standards, although they are complete butt holes, when one has to deal with them. In the school catalog i have chosen to attend, it does state they are not currently approved to offer distance education in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota, Oregon and Wisconsin. I dont know the reasoning for that, and i haven't asked. Im just bummed out about GCU, because i was really looking forward to starting this program. As i have stated before, the whole mess with finding a mentor/clinical site stuff, just utterly turned me away. Thank goodness for AllNurses.
  10. Factors of Importance for me were: 1) CCNE accreditation!!!!! 2) 12 month or less completion time 3) Price! less than $12,000 4) Ease of program (never done distance learning before) 5) NO to VERY MINIMAL group projects 6) Reputation & NCLEX pass rate (verified on BON website) 7) NO chemistry requirement 8) NO routine/regular clinical rotations 9) Actual Brick&Mortar physical location 10) No harassing recruiter phone calls!! i have found a program that fits those needs. bit i am still researching.
  11. 819Nurse

    Life from the other side (I left nursing.)

    I tip my hat to you OP, with much much respect!!! kudos!! and i wish you continued success in life!!!!
  12. 819Nurse

    Don't Burn That Bridge When You Change Jobs

    This was a great post! Because of how i was treated at 2 facilities i worked at many many years ago, i burned, scorched and made it permanently inaccessible for me to reach the facilities on either end of each of those bridges. I never want to ever have to walk across them again in life, and i haven't!
  13. 819Nurse

    Could a seasoned bedside nurse be a thing of the past?

    this is a really good question... my grandmother,who has been an RN since the 60s said when BSN degrees were first started, it was mainly for management positions. now look at the nursing economy. A BSN is needed(in most places) to even get you resumé looked at by hiring managers. Nursing homes used to be just for the elderly. now look! Young and old alike, (ages 8-80) share rooms, dine and shower together in these places. Pretty soon you will have to be an NP to work at the bedside.
  14. 819Nurse

    What was your new grad job as an RN or LPN?

    @Birdie3........ i decided LPN first because it was more practical for me, was only 10 months, amd i had 2 small kids at home. Plus, the cost was $5,500 and i didnt want to have to take out any loans. Hope this helps.
  15. 819Nurse

    What was your new grad job as an RN or LPN?

    My new grad job as an LPN was, of course at a SNF..... ugh. i HATED that job.....LOTS of bullying, backbiting and horizontal violence. My new grad job as an RN was at an LTACH. BEST RN experience, imo, for a new grad RN. i learned soooo much there. and the fact that i had ALOT of LPN experience...really gave me a leg up when i started at the LTACH.