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819Nurse has 15 years experience as a BSN, LPN, RN and specializes in Nursing.

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  1. 819Nurse

    Should I try LTC?

    I have been saying LTC is like babysitting for along time now...... and people often get offended. I worked long term care for 8-9 years before acquiring my RN degree, and let me tell you, hospital is better. I'm not saying hospital work doesn't have its faults, but the skills you learn compared to LTC are so much more diverse. When I was a LPN, and other nurses used to ask me why didn't I just go back for my RN.....or why do I want to be "just" an LPN, seeing how my LPN skill set and critical thinking skills was above par, I used to get offended too. But now, as an RN, I 100% understand what they were saying to me. I cant knock anyone for doing LTC, although it seems like I actually am, I'm just giving my OPINION. LTC DOES IN FACT feel like babysitting after a while; IT ACTUALLY EMULATES TO MANY DEGREES!! Bathing, dressing, feeding, changing and medicating....wash,rinse and repeat. Baby sitting the elderly population. Nothing wrong with it but I just didn't want that for my career any longer. Would I go back? Yes, but only as a last resort. Only as a way to avoid homelessness AND starvation (not one each, but both together!). I am forever grateful to the Lord him self for allowing me the opportunity to work past LTC. I couldnt do it any longer.
  2. 819Nurse

    new probation nurse in CA - hair testing?

    Congrads!! Your almost done!
  3. 819Nurse

    As an LPN, I can't help but feel like I'm not a "real nurse"

    ^^THIS! Best response here!
  4. 819Nurse

    Nursing Homes. The bodies are just pilling up.

    WOW!! As much as I cant stand working in LTC or the LTC sector of healthcare...this was sad to read.
  5. 819Nurse

    first job LTC need advice

    I said what I said!
  6. 819Nurse

    first job LTC need advice

    Time management and repitition will be your best friend. LTC can be very catty and nit-picky among staff and administration. You will learn alot seeing how this is your first nursing job. You dont need a fancy stethoscope, but you will need one. It's always good to take a note pad too. If you are an LPN, get you RN fast...then leave. If you are an RN, get your experience fast..... then leave. Keep in mind, when you pull the layers back when working as a nurse in LTC, you realize it aint nothing but a bunch of baby sitting. Good luck to you!
  7. 819Nurse

    To be a coward, or to be a fool?

    Yes.....I spelled it all wrong. Thanks. Basically they dont give a greak about us and can toss us away at a moments notice.
  8. 819Nurse

    Am I a coward for going on FMLA due to COVID?

    100% All FACTS!
  9. 819Nurse

    We Did Not Sign Up For This

  10. 819Nurse

    Molina Case Manager Reviews

    I was a case manager for molina. I worked in the Duals department (medicare/medicaid eligible members). For the first 6 months i worked in the office..then was offered to work from home and i did that for 2 years. Loved it! Left becauee i wanted to get back to bedside care. I barely went out to peoples homes but when i did it was because a certain process of the job required it, the member requested it or i just felt i needed to lay eyes in the member. But mostly everything we did was ober the phone. From assessments, to checking and verifying claims, follow ups after ED visits and inpatient stays, speaking with PCPs and other physicians. 90% of the time, in my department, i was at home. The pay was decent. In my department a case manager could start anywhere from $62,000-$74,000 depending on experience. I really enjoyed no weekends or holidays and the rwgular old mon-fri schedule. The job did get boring at times. But for the most part i did like it. I dont know too much about Aetna, except we did lose some case managers to that particular competitor. Aetna does pay sognificantly more than Molina from what i heard, but Aetna also micromanages alot more than molina as well. But thats all from what i heard. Can say from personal experience. Humana is pretty small in this area but i do know with humana most of their positions are work from home for case manages. Cant say the same for molina or aetna. Good luck to you!
  11. 819Nurse

    I was fired. Should I leave it off my resume?

    Thanks thanks and more thanks!
  12. 819Nurse

    I was fired. Should I leave it off my resume?

    Nurse Beth, when answering the question of why are you looking to leave your current employer, or why did you leave your last job..... i noticed you suggested several times (in other post) to inform the employer "its not/wasnt a good fit". Which sounds great. But this recently happened to me, and i told the recruiter the job i left "wasnt a good fit" and the recruiter asked "well why is that?".......I simply explined to the recruiter somethimes all the cogs in the watch do not align it it doesnt work. And i repeated to her, it just wasnt a good fit for me. Needless to say every application to this particular hospital system is auto rejected now. Prior to this recruiters were reaching out from this hospital system, the status of my applications would immeditely read "application under review"....etc... How do you respond then? Especially if one doesnt want to speak negatively about the employer and if the job was TRULY not a good fit. (FYI...I accepted another position at another hospital, so I am no longer applying to said hospital system above)
  13. 819Nurse

    Soon to be new grad in Ohio

    Go on indeed.com and look for OhioHealth fellowship programs. Or go to their website.
  14. 819Nurse

    Millennial Nurses Have Issues

    ^^^THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANNOT PREACH THIS ENOUGH TO PEOPLE!!! and some people still don't understand. At least I know I am not alone in thinking or feeling this way!!!
  15. 819Nurse

    "Addiction" Nursing is an outdated term.

    As I always say....... Same soup🍜, just RE-HEATED!
  16. 819Nurse


    OP.....i think what you did was kind of noble. Many times we as nurses get so caught up in the mindset of people needing our services, we forget about ourselves!! Good for you for leaving and standing your ground. And you didnt abandon anyone....there was a nurse there who took over the cart and could pass the meds.

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