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SuccessDiva has 5 years experience and specializes in Neurology/Psychiatry/Case Manager.

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  1. SuccessDiva

    Help !!!! Experienced RN Moving to New Jersey…

    What part of NJ are you moving to? What county?
  2. SuccessDiva

    Hackensack UMC

    Any RNs recently hired at Hackensack UMC? If so, can you tell me about the 2 week clinical orientation. Thanks,
  3. SuccessDiva

    Any tips for new grads looking for NJ employment?

    Hi Ladies, I get on here intermittently! Sorry for the delay. Saint Barnabas in Livingston, NJ is hiring New RNs for Med-Surg positions. UMDNJ in Newark and JFK in Edison, NJ.
  4. SuccessDiva

    Getting an RN job with BSN and high GPA in NJ?

    No one cares about your GPA or your ability to pass NCLEX on the first try. Externship may be the way to go along with some unique ways of reaching out to managers. I been in your shoes and eventually found my way in. Message me if you want some extensive tips.
  5. SuccessDiva

    Any tips for new grads looking for NJ employment?

    Are you ladies interested in externships? If so, send me a message. There are several hospitals in NJ to apply to.
  6. SuccessDiva

    2014 New Grad Northern NJ HELP!

    How long have you been applying? What is your background? How many jobs do you apply to each day?
  7. SuccessDiva

    How to ACE Competency Tests

    I disagree that memorization of medication facts are only good for school. I do know that some organizations are using advanced competency test like than PBDS which requires you to be able to recognize a patients medical condition based on symptoms and lab values. Based on my experience the majority of hospitals that I have been through are using multiple choice competency tests.
  8. SuccessDiva

    unemployed and need help

    Oh I see. Well my dear.....I don't know you or your entire situation....but you might have to reflect on your experiences to see what you could have done differently in both situations. Sometimes when we reflect we realize that we could have done something differently to change the outcome of a situation. For e.g I landed an ER job ( job of my dreams) only to be let go on the 3rd day of orientation because I did not do well on the competency examination. Now....I was ****** because I felt that they should have told me that I would be taking a competency examination so that I could brush up on my information. Once I reflected... I said to myself that I should have known some of the answers on the test knowing that I wanted to work in the ER.....once I was able to accept this I was able to move on....and my takeaway was to review common conditions and medications...that I forgot about b/c I did not have hands on experience. I eventually landed a neuro position...I will re-apply for the ER in the future...this time I will be ready for any competency examination that they have for me. Be persistent with applying for jobs.
  9. SuccessDiva

    Worked for 2 months then got job offer elsewhere! Help!

    Hi GrnTea...I think the issue is with the employers....they make it seem as if it is the end of the world if you don't have the "hands-on skills"....that I feel they can easily teach you. You'll hear things like (you don't have any experience...or why did you wait too long to apply or why didn't you work in med-surg after graduation). Once you get a little experience and you list these hands-on skills on your resume...employers start taking interest...w/o even confirming if you can truly perform these skills. I went through this. I took a case management job after graduation. I started applying for med-surg positions about 1 year later...I was told that I had no experience and that I should have done med surg first by many recruiters. I finally landed a psych position at a small facility...I left that one after 1.5 months for a hospital based psychiatric emergency position....and from there I finally landed a med-surg position.
  10. SuccessDiva

    How to ACE Competency Tests

    Hospitals are administering a variety of different medical/surgical and or pharmacology examinations to all new hire (new grad and experienced nurses). These exams are used to assess how competent you are. If you do not perform well on these exams, some hospitals will offer you additional training, give you the opportunity to remediate and take it over or they will TERMINATE your position.... (I know this happens because it happened to me!). Do not get comfortable after you sign the offer letter. You still need to do well on the competency testing! At my leisure...I will provide you all with a series of medications that you should know and understand inside out. It would be helpful if others can chime in and list some important points regarding the meds or conditions that I list. Please make sure that your answer is based on what the books say and not what you actually do in clinical practice. Dilantin- indications for usage, levels, etc Digoxin- therapeutic levels, significance of hypokalemia, antidote Narcotics- what do you need to watch out for? Antidote? Lovenox, Heparin, Warfarin- Which one is used as a prophylaxis tx post opt? Which one is used for DVT? Where are the therapeutic levels? Medication interactions? Treatment for Diabetic Ketoacidosis....What are the treatment needs for the patient? Anemia- what is it and how is it treated? ACEs, CCB, Diuretics- know the general class and side effects Mannitol- what is it used to treat? If a pt has increased ICP, how many degrees should the bed be? Metformin- Indication for usage? Relationship b/t metformin and CT scans Blood compatibility- O, A, B, AB. Which ones are compatible? What makes two blood types incompatible.
  11. SuccessDiva

    Incompetent nurse

    Don't call yourself an incompetent nurse...why would you put yourself down like that! You made a mistake and now you can learn from it. Remember, you have tons of resources available to you. You should always look up a medication or a procedure that you are not familiar with......the more you do it....the more information you retain and the easier your work become...hopefully :). I made a mistake as a new grad....I gave the patient more Librium that I was supposed because I was not paying attention.....thankfully nothing happened to the patient.... I was honest about it to my manager...I filled out an incident report and that was it. After that event….I certainly triple checked every medication order before I administered it to the patient.
  12. SuccessDiva

    New Grad Torn Between Accepting a PCA Position or ...

    Issue: Because you are already an RN, even tough you will be working as a PCA, you will be expected to respond to a change in a patients status as an RN...NOT A PCA. If something is going on with the patient and as a PCA you stop to go call the RN and something happens to that patient in the interim....you may be held liable. You cannot use the argument, " but I was hired as a PCA or as a PCA I am not expected to do this or that or that is not a part of my job description." I am not discourging you from accepting...just want to make sure that you understand the risk involved.
  13. SuccessDiva

    I feel guilty when staffing calls me and I say no.

    Don't feel guilty. It is not your fault that they frequently do not have the staff available to work. If you feel bad saying "No" then just don't answer your phone as the previous member advised.
  14. SuccessDiva

    unemployed and need help

    I can understand how stressful it can be when you are looking for a job and it seems like no one is willing to give you a chance. I do have a couple of questions. Did you quit your first RN job to get the RN job that you left because you felt that you were harrassed? Also, when your manager did not do anything about the situation, did you report it to her manager and or follow the chain of command for reporting such issues?
  15. SuccessDiva

    Worked for 2 months then got job offer elsewhere! Help!

    Suggestion: Wait till you get the official offer from the VA before discussing anything with your current manager. The VA is known to take forever to complete their background checks. Sometimes it can take up to 4 months. If they call your current employer and they ask you about it....just tell them that you applied for the VA job before you got hired...don't go into details....its non of thier business. Now a days you have to look after yourself when it comes to your career growth. I don't care if you have been working at a new place for 1 week. If a better offer comes up that will provide you with a more envigorating experience...go for it....yes, the employer may be sour about it but....oh well. Employers need to understand that it is about "YOU" and not "THEM".