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  1. Try some locwl long term care facilities. They are more apt to hire new grads. There you will gain management experience as well as become more familiar with many types of disease processes and such. Good luck in your search.
  2. jack1339

    am I a nurse or home maker???

    I have been a lpn for 16 years now, and have worked in many facets of the induatry. I am curently a home health nurse for a private duty agency. Is it me or do these insurance companies, and employers expect us nurses to become home makers while on duty for the families. I had one case with a 2 year old vent patient, his single mother brought in 2 bags of laundry and said they needed put away as if I were to do it. I said to her "you'll get to it soon" and jokingly told my case manager. I was told sometimes as nurses we are to take over parental duties also. Also, when did I go to school to be a dietician or chef? I am expected to prepare all meals while on duty. Should the meal prep not fall on the family and as a nurse I have no problem warming a meal, but to plan and prepare the meals are not my responsibility. As nurses we have set guidelines as to what we are permitted to do by law. And as nurses we shiuld set our own guidelines in the home setting as to what we will not be made to do that we wouldn't do in othwr settings. I barely cook at my home. I also am expected to vacuum my patients room and wash the dishes I use to feed the patient. I am sorry, but this is not my job. If a patient requires meal prep and skilled nursing caee it is time we, as nurses make a statement to our employers and these insurance companies that want to skimp and save money, that we have specific training and skills for nursing care. And if meal prep and cleaning need done that it falls on the family, or a homemaker that be paid by the insurance instead of them expecting and forcing us to do it while attending to medical needs. I thought that's what we did, nursing care. Thanks for readung and hope to read some responses.