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  1. Another thing you can do is contact nurse managers in your hospital. Is there an area you'd like to try? If Gen med isn't for you, what about rehabilitation? A medical specialty? A really specialised area like dialysis? Have a think about what you might like to try and contact the relevant people directly - they might be able to give you advice, and at the very least they will know your name when you apply for open jobs.
  2. PaellaMagi

    Will you give out a medication without the order yet?

    At my hospital (in Australia) RNs can initiate certain medications, including nicotine patches. Would I ever give a medication that was NOT on the standing orders list? God no. You have to protect your registration at all costs, and definitely don't jeapordise it over a nicotine patch!
  3. PaellaMagi

    RN Graduate Establishes Dominance

    I'm a graduate RN who is actually licenced - and still I listen to the wisdom and experience of Enrolled Nurses (Australian version of LPN) and assistants - because ultimately I am responsible but I listen to people's experience. The way I see it, even if she were licenced she should respect you. The fact is that she isn't, so isn't a RN, and has no authority. She probably needs a firm talking to and you need to speak with your boss.
  4. PaellaMagi

    NewGrad nurse, wanting to quit :(

    I'm a new grad too - it's very hard and I've really only recently started to feel confident in my abilities. Do you think the problem has to do with your particular ward? Eg. acuity, ratios, staff members? Some wards are definitely tougher than others in terms of the "grad experience". Or is it knowledge/skills based? Talk to your Nurse Manager and if your hospital has a Grad Support department contact them. Maybe another ward would be more your speed. Maybe you just need a little extra support, or some practice developing technical skills. Don't be afraid to go to your in-charge with any issues, I've made a habit of updating them a hell of a lot throughout my shift, or bouncing ideas of colleagues. Like, my patient had chest pain but the ECG machine disappeared and I couldn't find the anginine so I grabbed her and asked her to help me find stuff while I started to follow the chest pain protocol. If I didn't speak to her, I would have gotten flustered and missed some steps because not finding stuff just triggered that fight-or-flight response that all the simulations at uni couldn't prepare me for. Also - general med is hard because there are so many conditions. I'm having a much easier time on my current stint respiratory/cardiology because it's 50% lung cancer, 30% COPD and 20% post-MI patients who are off telemetry. Maybe you'd do better on a more specialised unit where you can develop skills and more in-depth knowledge. I'm sure you can do it! About a month ago I felt like I wanted to quit, but then I took my current contract and my confidence has increased a whole lot. I now feel comfortable and calm before shifts.
  5. PaellaMagi

    American RN moving to Australia

    Welcome! In Australia our nursing registration is nationalised, so once you're registered with AHPRA you can work anywhere in the country. You'll have to prove your English language skills, but your university transcripts (certified) should be okay. Look at ahpra.gov.au for more info on applying from overseas. Being from the US you shouldn't have any dramas with your qualifications. I would recommend contacting the hospital directly as well as look at advertised vacancies. You can get work at state hospitals without PR, although you won't be preferenced. Mind you, with your qualifications and experience you'd probably be quite attractive to NSW Health. I work in Queensland so can't tell you any specifics about applying.
  6. PaellaMagi

    About those new grads----!!!!!

    That makes me feel good. I'm a new grad working in a float/relief type position and at first I felt like a huge burden on the various wards. I had a few shifts where people got irritable for asking questions like "where do you keep this" as each ward has different stocking protocols and if I wanted to sign out a pain med for a patient. I am close to 3 months in and finding my feet. I'm getting good feedback from ward staff at the end of shifts. I know my own knowledge and skill deficits but I am getting there. I really admire experienced nurses with loads of expertise. Point being, thanks for inadvertedly soothing the little paranoid voice in my head that says everyone hates grads.
  7. PaellaMagi

    Just Lost! Advice please!

    I am a new grad in Australia and my position is in the nursing pool, so sort of like agency filling sick leave within one hospital. No way would I take an agency contract as a new grad - my job is only manageable because I have supportive ward staff, a clinical facilitator available to me 24/7 to help me out with new skills or if I am having a **** shift, lots of training, and low patient ratios (never more than 1:4 in day or evening shifts and 1:6-8 at night).The fact is that working in conditions that are beyond your scope can mean mistakes (I've made a few already even with all the support) which can jeopardise your registration. So I suggest taking the lower paid job if it means more stability and safety.
  8. PaellaMagi

    Commencing online Endrolled nursing advice and tips AUS

    Lots of people look for part time work as an EN and go straight into studying their Bachelor's to be a RN. Some work places can be very supportive of people upgrading their skills, I know on my final placement there was at least one EN studying her RN degree.
  9. PaellaMagi

    Diploma of Nursing Pathways

    I'd probably pick Health Services Assistant - if you can get a job as an AIN it will give you some insight into the more difficult parts about nursing (personal cares etc) and you might be able to get employment easier once you graduate your diploma. I know of lots of people who go the Aged Care route too, for similar reasons. They don't struggle with some of the practical exams in first semester, and you might be able to get some credit towards your diploma. I didn't go this route so I can't say exactly how helpful it is, but I have heard of it working well for people.
  10. PaellaMagi

    What a days weather Melbourne

    Had a massive storm in Brisbane yesterday. My back yard was littered with hail stones. I've never seen that much hail - it was actually terrifying because it kept buffeting my windows. No damage for me luckily.