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  1. prettybritty3

    OCU-Kramer School of Nursing Spring 2016

    How is everything going? Are you liking the program?
  2. prettybritty3

    Any info on Langston Nursing 2016

    Has anyone taken the HESI test yet? I plan on taking it next month.
  3. prettybritty3

    Oklahoma City University Fall 2015

    Hello, If you don't mind me asking, what is your schedule like? Do you go to class everyday or 3 times a week?
  4. prettybritty3

    Any info on Langston Nursing 2016

    How many more classes do you need to take? I just need to take microbiology and pray I can make an A. You may want to email the nursing adviser about the academic forgiveness. I'm not for sure but I read somewhere that you can only retake two or three of your prerequisites.
  5. prettybritty3

    Any info on Langston Nursing 2016

    Hello everyone, I know it's kind of early but I plan on applying for Fall 2016 next Spring. I think it's crazy that they only have one admissions into the nursing program per year. I plan on going to the main campus in Langston. Like I said I know it's early but who else plan on applying? To all the people that applied how was your experience? What was your GPA? I have a 3.3 but scared I may not get in, and I also made a C in A&P 2, which put a dent in my GPA. I also have Associate of Science which I hope will give me a boost. If your in the program; how are the classes? Thanks
  6. Congratulations!!! I plan on starting fall '16, still have a long way to go. I hate the fact that their admissions is only once a year. I wonder why it's like that. I'm also applying to OCU.. I totally understand where you're coming from when you say, you wish you could get some valid advice. It seems like Langston have their nursing students on a "do not tell" policy(laughs). It's so hard to find out anything about the nursing program, and the website is horrible! Yes, I would love that!
  7. Thanks for responding. That makes me feel better, because I think my GPA may drop after this semester. I'm freaking out about the CNA license too, because I feel like if I take it, it may give me an edge. Are you liking the program so far?
  8. Hello everyone. I plan on applying for the nursing program in 2016 but at the Langston main campus. If ya'll don't mind me asking, what were ya'lls GPA? I have a 3.4 but I'm scared I still may not get in. Also did ya'll have to have a CNA license. I ask the academic adviser at Langston and she said it didn't matter.
  9. prettybritty3

    Lamar University Nursing Program(Beaumont)

    Hello everyone... I'm interested in lamar nursing program. I was wondering can anyone give me pointers on what to expect. I currently have a 3.4 GPA but have a 3.2 for my science GPA hopefully when I take microbiology it my science GPA average will get better. I made a C in A&P one so hopefully that doesn't hurt me. What was your GPA when your GPA when you got accepted? Does anyone know how many students they accept each semester? Btw I plan on applying for Spring 16' I know it's far away lol.
  10. prettybritty3

    Prairie View Spring 2014 Applicants

    Thanks for replying back to me. I'm just now seeing this lol. I have another question do you think BCIS will count as the computer class we have to take?
  11. prettybritty3

    Prairie View Spring 2014 Applicants

    Hello everyone I'm obsessed with this website and I just found it two hours ago lol. I plan on applying next year, and I was wondering since I took elem. statistics do I still have to take statistics for psychology?