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  1. BoxingRN

    How do you report-off?

    Name, age, code status, allergies, MDs on the case, Hx, how the patient came to be in the hospital, procedures, imaging results, pertinent labs. Then a brief head to toe including: neuro (NIHSS?), respiratory (room air?), cardiac (NSR on the monitor?), diet (Tube fed?), GI/GU, skin (pressure ulcers?), IV fluids? Also, I like to let the nurse know what the plan for the patient is. Apologies for any grammar and spelling mistakes. Doing this from my phone.
  2. BoxingRN

    Accepted students for Moorpark College Spring 2016

    I'm an RN at St. Joseph. I remember 3rd semester was a lot better in my experience. You guys will both be RN's in no time. #powercouple lol
  3. BoxingRN

    Accepted students for Moorpark College Spring 2016

    When I went to Pierce we were still rocking the white pants lol they sucked. I love the red pants I see the students wear at my hospital though. They look much better. Does your husband know his clinical assignment for 3rd semester? He could end up at my hospital, I love working with Pierce nursing students! I was one not very long ago at all. Congratulations on getting into Moorpark!
  4. BoxingRN

    The Ugly, the Bad, and the Good.

    Congratulations! I would remove your profile picture if I were you and not mention you were strung out on drugs ever again. I know it's in your past so just leave it there. If the BRN got a whiff of you they would immediately reject your application. Tread very carefully now that you have joined this field. I wish you all the best!
  5. BoxingRN

    fired for cancelling shifts d/t health issues?

    My mom used to pass out often or have dizzy spells. Turns out it was 3rd degree heart block. Your health is #1 and I hope your doctor is able to find a diagnosis soon so you can manage your work life.
  6. BoxingRN

    Kaplan Nclex Course

    Your scores are fine. I also used nclex mastery app as well. Kaplan is much more difficult than the actual nclex. Best of luck to you!
  7. BoxingRN

    Blood Pressure and Heart rate

    You only really described the inotropic properties of the heart, not chronotropic. I can see why she said you were wrong. If she had asked why someone's BP is high or low, your answer would be correct.
  8. BoxingRN

    New hire RN accused of being "mean."

    CNA's are vital to the treatment team and if you want them to have your back you need to play ball. Their salary isn't coming out of your check, so you have no right to speak to them in a demeaning tone. It's really not that hard to be nice and it doesn't take anymore time out of your day either.
  9. BoxingRN

    I used Kaplan and didn't pass NCLEX on 1st try

    What were your scores on Kaplan? Did you remediate every question regardless of whether you answered it correctly or not?
  10. BoxingRN

    Kaplan Readiness Exam?!

    I believe you have greater than a 96% chance of passing the nclex right now.
  11. BoxingRN

    Confused... am I an RN or not??

    Sorry but the quick results are 100%. Identify your weaknesses and work smarter, not harder.
  12. BoxingRN

    Fired during orientation/7 weeks in

    Was this a new grad program? A hospital spends a decent penny orienting new grads and usually won't let you go on an isolated incident, that would cost them a ton of money. I feel like your preceptor felt that you are set in your own ways and are unwilling to be flexible and learn, making you a bad fit for the unit. I believe "tuning out" your preceptor is the ultimate reason for your release. I'm sorry this happened to you. But as new nurses we are not experienced enough to determine what knowledge is insignificant, specially if a 20 year veteran nurse is calling you out of a room to tell you. The information may actually correlate with your med pass or whatever you're currently doing and you just didn't see it at the time. Once again I'm sorry this happened.
  13. BoxingRN

    I Need To Vent

    Wait are u a CNA or an RN?
  14. BoxingRN


    Los Angeles, California Starting pay: 38 an hour plus differentials for night and weekend. Position: new grad RN
  15. I agree with meanmaryjean. It's completely different. What about your clinical rotations do you not like? Is it the poop? Interacting with people (said you preferred lab more)?
  16. BoxingRN

    240 questions in 6 hours and I feel like crying

    I may be wrong but I believe if you run out of time they look at the last 60 questions and if you are below the passing line just once, they consider it a fail. I hope you passed though!