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  1. tulsa OK market pay

    Hello, what do you think a BSN with 3 years of ICU experience should get in Tulsa OK. I know st. francis just increased their pay for new grads with 0 exp to $28 hr
  2. OU Traditional BSN Fall 2014

    its a mid three pt. range with a focus on the last two years and science gpa. Also, the take weigh a lot on classes taken at ou.
  3. New job at Integris

    did your graduate with an adn/asn or bsn?
  4. OSU OKC Spring 2014

    accepted as well. congrats to everyone accepted.
  5. Oklahoma NCLEX-RN Pass Rate

    keep in mind that is only to 2012, they raised the standards on pass rate for nclex-2013 and results on that link have not been published.
  6. Job Market for Oklahoma City Area

    I am wondering what it is like for a new RN graduate. How difficult it is to get a job, best hospitals, staffing, stable hours, Etc? Looking at job postings in the area seems a lot of them have experience preferences. A lot of people have discussed ...