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  1. Ahua12

    Hawaii travel nursing

    Hi Nicole, you may look on facebook the group-Hawaii travel nurses-the gypsy nurse for more info. Hope that helps.
  2. Ahua12

    ICU Queens PB & WEST

    Has anyone worked in the ICU's at either of the Queen's hospitals? Wondering what the culture is like? How are the Dr's? Is the patient population mostly DKA, CIWA & Sepsis? I currently work at a Level 1 trauma hospital and considering moving back to our home. Any advise or insight would be appreciated. I know the island is "small" but a general sense of the units would be helpful. Mahalo!
  3. Ahua12

    Being Kicked Out of the ICU?

    It is very difficult to give advise only reading one perceptive on a situation. I have worked in multiple hospitals which has given me the opportunity to work with many preceptors as well as having acted as a preceptor. One question I have regarding your situation would be, where was your preceptor for the 4 hours that the levo was not titrated? Your preceptor should be keeping a close eye on you as you are still learning. Your preceptor should have asked you what your plan was regarding that patient if she had noticed you did not titrate it. I personally would have used that aa a learning opportunity to see where you where at with critical thinking skills, knowledge of medicine and rational for your actions. If as a preceptor I noticed a bp of 80/40 and did not see you take action I would question you, if the pt bp was truly 80/40 I would be in that room overseeing what your next actions where, what other vitals are you looking at, why did the bp suddenly tank or was it trending down. A good preceptor should be listening as you presented the situation to the Dr. which also gives them an opportunity to see if you understand the whole picture. I had a new RN that was "drowning" for lack of a better term and I stopped her and asked her what was going on, where was she at with med's etc and I helped her out. I stopped her because one I was supposed to be training/teaching her and two because patient safety is first and foremost. After our shift I explained the importance of asking for help and how the other patient could have been adversely effected by her being caught in the other room. I explained and showed her examples how on a unit particularly an ICU we need to help each other. My advise is don't give up if you love the ICU, talk to your manager for true and constructive feed back regarding your training. Get specific examples and evaluate how you could have changed the situation. Take what they say no matter how harsh it may be and learn from it. Find another ICU and ask to shadow see if the preceptors want to teach or if they are forced into training new RN's because of years of experience. Good luck in your future.
  4. Ahua12

    CES Report question

    I can't remember the exact cost, I think it was 1-2k. The course was a month long. 96 hours class, 96 clinical. I ended up working for the hospital system where I did my clinical's. Good luck!
  5. Ahua12

    CES Report question

    I took my remedial nurse course at Florida Southwestern University in Fort Myers. Here is the web page that lists all the remedial nurse courses. Florida Board of Nursing >> Florida Board of Nursing Approved Remedial Courses - Licensing, Renewals & Information Hopefully you find a course that works for you. They are a bit expensive but well worth it to sit the NCLEX and start working!
  6. Ahua12

    CGNFS, CES timeline

    I just wanted to share if you are a international trained nurse applying through CGNFS for a CES report (as most board of nursing requires) allow at least 3-4 months. If you would like it quicker then pay the fee they require. I currently have a application with CGNFS to evaluate 1 (one) course I was required to take prior to sitting the NCLEX two years ago. I am applying for endorsement in another state which requires a new CGNFS report providing evidence that the one course I took did make up my 3 hour deficiency in peds and 3 hours deficiency in obstetrics. My application is now week eight still, "waiting for approval". The reason I would like to share this time line is because applications with boards of nursing in some state require documents (CGNFS, CES reports) within a certain amount of months, and will only keep your application open for a period of time. Good luck and have patience if you are required to deal with CGNFS.
  7. Keep looking.. Florida is coming up on "season" when the state is inundated with "snow bird's" from up North looking for warm weather and safe driving conditions. A lot of hospitals will pay relocation bonuses if you sign a contract. I know this is very true on the West Coast of Florida and image it would be similar on the East Coast. Good luck!
  8. Hello, I was wondering if anyone happens to know the didactic (theory) hours in maternal & children health for a Bachelor of Nursing in Hawaii. Thank you for any information.
  9. Ahua12

    CGNFS CES woes & UK nursing schools

    I had my Australian qualification evaluated 2 years ago. I am sorry for what you are going though. I had many of the same problems as far as hours break down, theory vs practical. I found emailing them a true test of patience and calling not worth it since you could never speak to anyone who can answer anything. Many of my queries where never actually answered which left me wondering if they actually read my email. (I saved one particularly for a laugh). All I can offer as far as advice is keep at it. It took just over a year for my credentials, and still I am missing many hours of theory. Regardless I am finally a registered nurse practicing in the US. Good luck!
  10. Thank you in advance for any advice. Sorry to be so lengthy with my question. This is my situation, I graduated from The University of Notre Dame in Australia with a Bachelor Degree in Nursing. I have moved back to the US and had my transcripts evaluated by CGFNS which stated my education was short some theory hours. I was required by the board of nursing in Florida to take a remedial nursing course 96 hours theory/ 96 hours clinical to be eligible to sit the NCLEX. I took the class as well as the NCLEX and passed. I am currently a working RN in Florida. I would like to move to another state and work at a magnet hospital but not sure if I am considered a RN with a Bachelor or if I am a RN with a associates degree. It is my understanding that magnet hospitals only hire RN with a bachelor degree. My question is how do I figure out what my RN status is? My nursing program in Australia included a research unit, critical care unit and nursing management and leadership unit.
  11. Ahua12

    1 year Med/Surg/Tele experience

    Hello, I was wondering what the job market was like for a BSN, RN with one year med/surg/tele experience. We are looking to move to Utah for the outdoor lifestyle, but curious if it will be hard to find a job with only one year experience? Thanks in advance for any advise.
  12. Ahua12

    UWORLD?, NCLEX in a few days

    Good luck on your NCLEX! I passed in July. I used Uworld with an average score of 58%; Kaplan q-bank just under the suggested average and Hurst, again 2% under the suggested average. Don't worry about your averages, just feel confident going in. Half the exam is not stressing. But if it makes you feel better your scores look like your ready! Again good luck and remember to breath..
  13. Ahua12

    Anyone work Florida Hospital?

    I applied at NCH, Lee Memorial, Bayfront, VA hospital system and a few more.. I think it is worth applying to everything, hopefully get a interview and even if you don't get a offer you become more comfortable and confident with questions that you'll be asked. I know people say the pay isn't that great in Florida but sometimes you have to sacrifice to get experience, at least that is how I look at it. Good luck with your search.
  14. Ahua12

    Anyone work Florida Hospital?

    Hello, I had interviews at a few hospitals in the Southwest of Florida for new grad positions. The pay at one hospital was 23.00 with shift differentials, with a 2 year contract. Another hospital offered 24.00 (night shift) with shift differentials with a 2 year contract. Getting a job and experience was paramount for me so that I can specialize in the future. Good luck with your job hunt.
  15. Ahua12

    Lee Memorial Health System RN/Internship

    Hi AriannaRN, How did your interview go? I am in the process of interviewing now. Hopefully you got the job.