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  1. keitamuso

    ICU to Onc, how to get the hours?

    Me again. So, I can get certified to give chemo by taking the courses and passing the exam. That way, I could get a job on an oncology unit (in theory). However, I need the 2000 hours on said unit before I can get my OCN certification which establishes me as an "expert" (like the CCRN for ICU nurses) bedside oncology nurse. Do I understand this correctly? Thank you!
  2. keitamuso

    ICU to Onc, how to get the hours?

    Current ICU RN (7+ years) looking to get my oncology certification and work infusion. My understanding is that the hours I need must be in direct oncology nursing. How do I do this without the certification? Could any of my ICU hours count given a percentage of our patients are cancer patients? How do others get these hours? Thank you for an advice!

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