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  1. RollTide_Nurse

    Sexism in nursing

    One of the requirements to be a nurse is to have thick skin.
  2. RollTide_Nurse

    3-4 week wait for ATT?

    This is normal for Florida. I think it took me about 4 weeks. They FL BON has to process everything before sending everything to Pearson.
  3. RollTide_Nurse

    New job/starting online RN to BSN

    I recently graduated from UTA online RN-BSN program. It was a great program. It is an accelerated program. A lot of the classes lasted 5 weeks. But other than than great school with great instructors. i completed my program will working full time.
  4. RollTide_Nurse

    How To Get Your First Nursing Job!!

    Its done by keeping your eye on the prize. I worked 4 days a week and completed my BSN. I was like a zombie. Once I got off from work, I studied and wrote papers until 3am. But the end result of receiving my BSN was fulfilling.
  5. RollTide_Nurse

    Please I need advice!

    Hang in there:). You may have to work side by side with your preceptor. Ask the charge nurse if you can have a different preceptor. If she ask you why, tell her you need someone who is patient so you will be able to learn the necessary skills to be on your own independently in 5 weeks.
  6. Its a rip off, don't waste your time or money. Try enrolling in a traditional LPN to Rn program.
  7. RollTide_Nurse

    Goal is NP. ASN>BSN>MSN -or - ASN>MSN???

    The University of Texas at Arlington has a online RN-MSN degree program. Their program is one of the cheapest around . Once you have enough credits it will give you a BSN, but you are in the MSN program. I acquired my BSN from them and I am currently working on my MSN. If I would have known about the RN-MSN program I would have taken that route. It saves you money by going the RN-MSN route. It is a great school with great advisors. But check them out at The University of Texas at Arlington - UT Arlington - UTA.
  8. RollTide_Nurse

    Math Requirement 1301 or 1302

    It has to be Math 1302-College Algebra
  9. RollTide_Nurse

    NRS4325 Nursing Research Date:11/3 -12/5

    I took both Research and vulnerable populations together. I made an A in vulnerable populations and an B in research. Research wasn't bad, but you are placed in a group and your grade is based on the group work as a whole. Therefore if you have a good group then your grade will be good.
  10. RollTide_Nurse

    Research?!! I'm scared!

    It really wasn't that hard. You don't have a choice of what group you are in but you are fine as long as you do your part. I passed with a B and I work 5 days a week 12 hour shifts.
  11. RollTide_Nurse

    Research at UTA anyone taking now?

    I am currently taking the course. My group made a b.
  12. RollTide_Nurse

    Late days and BIMS, MDS Nurse in a tough spot.

    I am also new to MDS and to a facility that is backed up on MDS. The DON trained me for two days then resigned. I work with a plan that does long term and I do everything else. It seems overwhelming. but I enjoy it.
  13. RollTide_Nurse

    Mds mentor wanted

    Hi, new to MDS, in search of a MDS mentor. Also is the MDS course a good tool for newbies?
  14. RollTide_Nurse

    UT Arlington RN-BSN

    I agree, you have already done your clinical's with the ASN. Maybe they were referring to the generic RN-BSN grads.
  15. RollTide_Nurse

    College Algebra 08/19

    This class is horrible, and the amount of homework is even worse. It's totally ridiculous!! It took me 4 hours yesterday to do problems. If anyone have any advice I am open for it. Too late to drop it due to the money invested.
  16. RollTide_Nurse

    College Algebra 08/19

    I am getting ready to drop it today. The instructor sent out an email about the proctoring and web cam. Plus the book is 175.