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shibashake's Latest Activity

  1. shibashake

    Duke 2014 Nurse Residency Program

    Via some friends, calls were made for the PICU and PCICU today! Good luck :)
  2. shibashake

    Hospitals in the Raleigh Area

    Duke and UNC just hired a bunch of new grads from December cohorts... I don't think WakeMed hired external candidates for this past winter round (no clue about the rest of the year though). Duke posts new grad positions on their site at some point each month, and the UNC app is currently open for Summer/Fall 2014.
  3. shibashake

    Duke New Grad / SNIP 2013

    Just accepted a SNIP position this week with a start in February. So pumped! :) Congrats to everyone!
  4. shibashake

    New Grad Jobs

    Not noticing that within the Duke system either...
  5. shibashake

    Duke New Grad / SNIP 2013

    nurse213- Duke New Grad positions (some SNIP and some CNI) open around the 25th of every month (a different list goes up each time depending on which units are hiring). Just fyi! :)
  6. shibashake

    UNC Nurse Residency Program Winter 2014

    I did! I got an email from them two days after I had submitted the last thing (the letter of introduction). I wonder how long after the deadline it takes to hear anything (good or bad)... I honestly have no clue but it would be nice if it was within the next ~2 weeks or so. Maybe I'm dreaming!
  7. shibashake

    UNC Nurse Residency Program Winter 2014

    I also applied! Curious to see if anything happens considering past threads have said that ~800 people apply for ~60 spots... Haha. I guess we'll find out!
  8. shibashake

    UNC New Grad Residency Feb 2013

    Anybody filling out an app for the October 18th deadline (to start in February 2014)? Just curious! :)
  9. shibashake

    Interview at Duke

    Thank you! And yep, being 2 hours from Wrightsville is pretty great :).
  10. shibashake

    Interview at Duke

    mh1229, the Brier Creek area of Raleigh is also really nice- about 15-20 minutes from Duke and nice apartment complexes, restaurants, etc. Probably worth looking into. New to AllNurses, but I also have a general question for the masses about the timeline of applying to Duke New Grad positions. How soon after the position closes should you hear about an interview, etc? Does it just depend on the unit? I've heard that after about a week from the application closing you get notified if your resume was forwarded to the hiring manager- then does it take another week or two to hear about interviews? If anyone could shed some light on their experience/timeline, that would be great! Thanks so much.

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