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  1. How much do you make 2016

    I'm working in LTC/post acute rehab and making $23/hr. In Chicago, IL. Only been a nurse since June so this is my first nursing position.
  2. First day on floor

    Hello all nurses This is my first day on the floor as a LPN at a long term care/post acute rehab facility. I work the 3 to 11 shift and had 2 weeks training. 1 week was on 7 to 3 and the other week was 3 to 11. I feel like I don't know what to d...
  3. Should I quit nursing school

    Yes I felt like this in nursing school and just got done in April. I'm a single mom with 1 child no husband but alot of support and worked full time throughout in a full time program . It was 3 hr sleep days, depression that lasted months sometimes, ...
  4. LTC vs Assisted living

    Hello MsColeman 78. I know this is a bit off subject but I know you are in Chicago. I wanted to know how long did it take your pass letter to come after you passed the nclex? It's been 11 days for me so far and I already have 2 interviews..please hel...
  5. Why is it so hard to find a job?

    I just passed the nclex on the 13th and I just been applying to alot of different places online. I gave 4 interviews scheduled and I don't even have a pass letter yet. I'm in Illinois though. Try applying any and every where online. Spend at least 2 ...
  6. Kaplan Scores to pass the NCLEX?

    My overall percentage for kaplan was 57% and I passed the first time with the minimum questions
  7. NCLEX reassurance

    Take it you're ready
  8. It's sounds like you all passed congratulations
  9. ati predictor to graduate

    Hi did your school do the 3 day live reveiw with ATI? Mine did and they gave us like a PN review book about 250 pages long. I took my predictor and got 98 % chance of passing then after reading that whole book got a 99% chance and I just passed the n...
  10. NCLEX tomorrow 6/13

    I got my results today and I PASSED
  11. June NCLEX takers

    Just to let everyone know I got my results today and I PASSED!!!!!
  12. NCLEX tomorrow 6/13

    I'm in Illinois and our BON puts our results up in 24 hours so I will see on the BON tomorrow
  13. NCLEX tomorrow 6/13

    Thanks I think we all pass. I just hate waiting . I did the pearsonvue trick and got the good pop up but will see
  14. NCLEX tomorrow 6/13

    I took mine today to. It was the PN though. I got the minimum questions which was 85 and I had half SATA and half multiple choice nothing else.
  15. June NCLEX takers

    Yes it was