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  1. mtg0884

    Differences between PMHNP and PNP: not rookie question

  2. I have worked in both psych and peds. I enjoy them both to be completely honest in very different ways. Psych interests me more because I love pharmacology and I love neuro anatomy and physiology in terms of neurotransmitters and the like. There is so much interesting research in psych with alternative therapies and non-tradition pharmacological approaches to a variety of conditions that makes it very unique and challenging. I've seen the same conditions treated so many different ways. For instance, Tourette's with haldol, tenex, topamax, nicotine, keppra, risperidone, etc. so many different options with completely different mechanisms from crushing dopamine with haldol to boosting gaba with topamax, he'll even going in the opposite direction with a dopamine agonist like pramipexole. Pairing a 7mg nicotine patch with 0.5-1mg haldol to make haldols MOA more efficient. Just an example. Cyproheptadine to reverse ssri sexual sides, inositol to make serotonin more effect, clonidine vs stimulants for adhd. Treatment resistant OCD to an SSRI augmented with anafranil and pushing doses of lets say Zoloft beyond the reccommended dosage of 200mg, increasing up to 300mg based on new research for OCD. Utilizing pramipexole to decrease prolactin which may be raised with an ssri to boost dopamine which will increase libido and counteract the the sexual side effects or augmenting with Wellbutrin for this issue. Benzos vs trazadone vs clonidine for insomnia. Etc, I am very interested in all of this and want to constantly learn it. Pediatrics I like because I love kids but it is more cut and dry. Very little guess work, no room to be exotic and go outside the box much from what I see. As an RN, I prefer peds, but as an NP, I feel Psych is a better fit for me. Does that make sense? Based on seeing them work from my 2 jobs, the psych np role def seems far more interesting to me. The one thing I don't no, behind the scenes, what is the true difference between the two? Not patient care, disorders, etc. but rather the life behind the scenes. When you are not with the patients. The lifestyle and the role on the care team? Peds np seem far far far more busy, running around than the psych nps I've seen. I typically see the psych nps spend far more time with there patients but maybe I am missing things. Thanks for for any help!!
  3. As I sit waiting to start my PMHNP program, I am having a hard time wrapping my head around how I am going to learn anything when all I am doing is writing papers? In my undergrad, I always learned best by reading --> Studying --> Taking tests. I have asked others going through the program and the PMHNP I shadow who graduated from my program and they say it is heavy paper writing. I just don't see how I am going to graduate with any knowledge when I am writing papers instead of studying per say? Can someone end this confusion for me!
  4. mtg0884

    Some Final Simmons Questions

    I'm not sure what the difference is between the two but im talking about the popular online program comparable to georgetown online.
  5. mtg0884

    Some Final Simmons Questions

    I am interested in applying to Simmons for my FNP part time. I currently work a weekend program where I work Friday Saturday Sunday for 3 weeks out of the month, only 9 shifts per month, its full time pay, benefits, etc. So basically I get a 2 week stretch off each month. 1. Is this a feasable schedule to work full time doing the program part time? 2. How much study time does this program truly require? I am just curious, not that I am looking for an easy program, I just like to have a heads up! I graduated under grad with a 3.8gpa. I am not naturally smart, I study for my grades. 3. What does the program mainly consist of? Reading, studying, papers? Discussion board, etc. Are there a lot of papers? Project, what kind? What can I expect from the courses? 4. How are the research classes, they are what I fear. I struggled in undergrad with research but I had a horrible teacher which put a bad taste in my mouth. We all failed and she rounded all F's to C's for the curve. Since then, i've just been scared of research. 5. Anything you feel will be helpful for me to no in regards to the program would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!
  6. So after shadowing and evaluating my interested, I have applied into a PMHNP school. I loved psych in my undergrad and attempted to get a job in psych upon graduation but was talked out of it by HR who said I would loose clinical skills I just learned and said another unit would be better to start with. Currently, I'm a male and work in pediatrics. I love our psych patients, not because it's pediatrics but I love the complexity of psych issues. I am a very understanding person, I consider myself to have a lot of patience and truly enjoy helping those with psych issues, wanting to learn more. I have shadowed for many hours psych NPs and enjoy their role a lot. I love pharmacology as well, if I wasn't a nurse, I'd prolly go for pharmacy. ***Should I switch onto the psych unit? Yes, it makes sense I completely agree but my position in Pediatrics is ideal for school and psych will not match it. I only work 9 days a month, its full time pay, full benefits, my managers are extremely accomadating, etc. It will allow me to work fulltime when in school, something I need financially wise that the psych unit will not even come close to matching. I would have to go back to 3-4 shifts a week rotating weekly, etc. and would have to drop to part time most likely, something I cant afford as they will not allow me to dictate my schedule like peds allows. All night long at work I read psych NP books and research to learn as much as I can. Opinions?
  7. mtg0884

    Simmons University School of Nursing FNP online program

    Is this program possible for a staff nurse working 3, 12 hour random shifts a week. It looks like you have assigned class times. I could never commit to a tuesday class for instance as each week I work different days; I couldn't commit to any specific day for that matter as each week I have different days off. I was excited to apply here, but I guess this is not possible for a staff nurse? My job does not allow me to not schedule myself certain days of the week. I just work 3 random days.
  8. mtg0884

    Concordia University WI online FNP?

    A friend of mine goes there.. she hit the usual roadblock, unable to find preceptors anywhere willing to take her, per her.. the school did not give two fiddles.. otherwise, she liked the school
  9. mtg0884

    Seton Hall NP School

    Anyone going here? I am interested in there PNP Program. I am searching for other online pnp programs as well.
  10. I am all ready to apply to university of cincinatti but am so hesitant to pull the trigger on their FNP program. Hearing stories of how horrible it is finding preceptors; I do not want to start a program and not be able to finish because I can't secure preceptors. I am not afraid to apporach people, go to offices in person, etc. and I live in an area with what I feel is a decent amount of health care centers, but I need to be realistic when spending 35k. I keep reading people state not to go to schools that don't offer preceptors. What is the reality of the situation like?
  11. I've been wanting to go back to NP school for years as I initially started PA school at 18 but switched over after my friend who was a PA scared me out of it with how he wished he would have become an NP. Anyways, Im 27, male, married, own a house, would really like to have kids. I planned to go to Jefferson in Philadelphia as I thought the name would be good to have behind my name but they only offer a 3 year program, regardless of what there website states. I really, don't want a LONG drawn out, 3 year program. I've applied to University of Cincinnati as it is a 2 year program. I personally feel like I will have less job offers because I didn't graduate from a "LEGIT" well known school. I am going for FNP. Most of my friends are doing the 3.5 year drexel program. They are all fixated that there school name will land them a much better gig than a dedicated online program like I may do. Basically, having doubts
  12. mtg0884

    University of Cincinnati FNP?

    Has anyone done this program? Any reviews? What was the program like? Lots of paper writing? How time consuming was it? My heart was set on Jefferson in Philadelphia until I found out the only option is there 3 year part time plan. I thought I would be able to take more classes to speed it up and get it done in at least two years. I am really looking for 2 year program. Any other programs worth it?
  13. I love pediatrics, I've been NICU/Pediatrics for years as an RN, although NNP isn't for me. I know the downside to acute care pediatrics in holidays, weekends, night-shift, etc. but what are the perks? From shadowing, acute seems a little less busy? Not as pressed to meet "Numbers." More downtime to mingle/float around, more socialization among peers. How is the salary comparision? Lifestyle? Job? etc. Looking for more opinions! Thanks Mike
  14. I live about an hour from philly and looking into Upenn for acute peds. Do they offer online classes like jefferson? I could not find it specifically listed on there website. If it is all in the classroom, for anyone who goes there, how many days of the week are you on campus? Do they group the classes together so you are only there 2-3 days a week?
  15. mtg0884

    A dual degree of FNP & ACPNP smart?

    So, I am looking to go back to NP school full time. I've worked in the cardiac ICU for 1 year, Neonatal ICU for 3 years, 2 years of Per Diem Pediatric Home Care. My plan is to do Jeffersons 1 year program for my FNP, and then go back for my Post Masters in ACPNP at University of South Alabama. This is the fastest combination of programs I can find, for a very reasonable price. With these two degrees, I like the job flexibility of Adult Primary Care, Pediatric Primary Care, and Pediatric Acute Care. I am looking to go back full time, I have that option to go to school full time and not have to work. I want to focus 100% on my studies; I will still work homecare per diem because I can call up at 8pm and tell them I'd like to work tonight and they will send me out to a case for 10pm, EXTREME flexibility. I work per diem now, sometimes I work 4x a month, or I'll go 1 or 2 months without working at all. Does the combination of FNP and ACPNP seem reasonable? Smart? Like mentioned, I love the flexibility and wide variety of job offerings associated as well as having selective and board knowledge.