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Garrett1987 has 5 years experience and specializes in CRNA.

SRNA at UTHSC in Memphis.

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  1. Garrett1987

    Paying for your program & living expenses

    Most of the time Grad plus loans can cover everything. Making a few sacrifices helps a ton. I changed cell phone plans, dropped cable, and bought a cheaper car. One misconception is that if you don't have enough from the grad plus then you can get a private loan. That is false. It's a one or the other situation. You can only borrow up to the cost of attendance regardless of what loans they may be. So if the federal loans and grad plus reach your cost of attendance, then you will not be eligible for private loans.
  2. Garrett1987

    How's this looking?

    If your first degree is from 10 years ago, and you made A's in micro/A&P's, I would apply. I believe you have a good chance at getting in. You should at least get an interview at a few schools. Some programs only go off of your most recent degree. It's worth checking into and it might save you a year of waiting. Good luck!
  3. Garrett1987

    calling for recent LSU CRNAs

    I interviewed at LSU and UTHSC in Memphis. I was accepted on the spot during the LSU interview. I turned them down for UTHSC, as it was my first choice. Usually, programs give you anywhere from a week to a month to decide to attend the program. If the program deadlines are spaced far apart, there is really no way around it. The only way to see if you get accepted at another program is to pay the deposit that LSU requires if accepted. If you choose a different program, you will loose that deposit.
  4. Garrett1987


    My advice is get the DNP/DNAP all in one program. If you get a MSN and then a DNP, it will take twice as long and take more money out of your pocket. My DNP is an additional 8 months compared to a MSN. If I were to get an MSN and then go for DNP, that would be an additional year and a half, plus the increased tuition rate.
  5. Garrett1987

    Contemplating CRNA

    savings, student loans, spouse has two jobs.
  6. Garrett1987


    Programs are not required to become a Doctorate until 2025, but I strongly encourage you to go ahead and apply to doctorate schools. MDA vs CRNA, No one can accurately give you advice on this because we are all nurses doing CRNA. We do not know what it's like to be a MDA. I strongly encourage you to consider CRNA. I enjoy school. It's not easy by any means but I feel accomplished and productive every day.
  7. Garrett1987

    GPA Breakdown?

    It all depends on the program. Some look at only your latest degree (BSN), others only look at your science GPA, and others look at your total cumulative GPA. Your GPA should be ok especially after you complete your BSN if you continue to make A's and a few B's.
  8. I suggest 2-4 years experience both for your benefit as a nurse entering the program and to help with the first attempt at nursing school. I would not suggest applying with only 5 months experience. Most schools require you to have 1 year experience at the time of application, not at the start of the program. Some schools might, but most do not. The average in my class was 3-5 years experience. There was only one in our program who had 1 year ICU experience.
  9. Garrett1987

    Anyone interviewing for TWU or LSUHSC for Class of 2016/2017?

    Interview went well, I'm accepted to UT Memphis. I declined my interview with LSU on October 8th. Good luck to everyone interviewing at LSU. It's a good program, UT Memphis was my number 1 though. Don't stress, I've heard from LSU srna's that the interview is not bad. Garrett