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  1. I tried to follow up on Friday, but she wasn't in so I left my contact info. I will definitely follow up again Monday afternoon if I don't receive a call back. Just like the above poster stated, I think you should follow up Monday too. No harm in it....
  2. In the same position as you. I was told they will make their decision and get back to me after the first... And I was too debating on calling Friday or Monday. Guess I'm leaning towards calling tomorrow morning. Any update on your status? Hoping you ...
  3. Need to Interview a nurse

    Send me your email and I will be happy to try and help you out.
  4. tubersol shortage

    I heard tubersol didn't pass certain test that they conduct when made.
  5. How long have you waited after an Interview before a response?

    Interviewed for two jobs and still waiting. Job #1 interviewed the first week of July... Still waiting after multiple follow ups. Job # 2 interviewed the first week of September. Had awesome feedback right after interview. Followed up multiple times...
  6. Some people have no common sense!

    That's funny and I hope you got the job! Common sense isn't so common anymore! My office manager's window is in the front of the building. She was in awe watching someone getting frisky in the car with her boyfriend parked in front of her window. Gue...