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  1. loyolae

    First Year of Nursing Do's and Donts

    I totally agree with you. Being on the unit now i see how valuable the cna's are.
  2. loyolae

    First Year of Nursing Do's and Donts

    @I love my cat! That sounds like a great idea, thanks! Itll be good to self reflect after my day, especially now that everything is new to me.
  3. loyolae

    First Year of Nursing Do's and Donts

    @tyvin haha that would be nice wouldnt it just to upload your skills. Thanks for the pointers. Ive had a couple days on the unit now and I am definitely asking questions. With learning the charting systems and being in a new environment I feel overwhelmed at times! but i have great preceptors and im trying to absorb every thing i can. Im loving the challenge
  4. Hey everyone, I just started my nursing career this monday and so far am learning alot of the organization as a whole and their guidlines. Eventually we will start doing more hands on work and i just wanted to ask those who are experienced in the profession to share any tips and/or things you learned along the way that you wish you knew of as a new nurse. A little about me, i just started a residency program which last 18wks on a ortho trauma unit. Thanks for your time
  5. loyolae

    *Unofficially* passed the NCLEX-RN!!

    Congrats!!! :) i took mine wednesday and got my unofficial results friday morning. Im still feel like i cant believe it!. and i also had a ton of SATA questions. those were the hardest for me!
  6. loyolae

    Passed my NCLEX on my first try!!! :)

    Thanks everyone I appreciate the congratulations. Well now looking back here are some tips i learned along the way. 1. Study/ read over material everyday. It doesnt matter if your doing a full 6hr study session or a 30 look over your notes. Get in the habit of looking over material bc as the days pass youll start memorizing and learning things instead of trying to re-learn everytime you sit down. Itll save you time in the long run. 2. Commit to your study guide, it be a bought one or not. It was super important for me to have a structured study plan. Bc my test was so far in advanced it was easy to lose track. I personally bought the Kaplan Nclex RN- ON demand study guide. That helped me stay on track and they offer lots of resources, most importantly TONS of questions. (Achill08- your right about there being a million different resources for nclex, i was so lost my self. The reason i chose kaplan was bc my roomates and many other people in my cohort bought it and felt it was really good. On top of that i also researched on many different forums for other peoples point of view and what finally caught my attention was that i kept reading kaplan helps you best with learning how to answer these tricky questions, as well as catching up on content. Its easy to get overwhelmed with everything so i recommend choosing one study guide after researching it and committing to it.) 3. Find a consistent study place where you can be free from distractions and really concentrate. I found this really cool coffee shop by my house that had a separate study room. They had free wifi, good coffee and a studious atmosphere. I also recommend finding a study buddy. Unfortunately i never could find one as committed as i was but it helps! Just having someone else there studying with you, even if its not for nclex, always helped me stay focused longer. -If i remember anything else ill post it up- *DISCLAIMER- I just want to say i did not pass bc just i bought the Kaplan review guide, i passed bc i put in many hours of studying and reviewed tons of questions and content. You have to put in the work and sacrifice consistently.
  7. Hey everyone, This is my first post and I wanted to share my experience preparing for and taking my NCLEX. I graduated with my BSN from TAMUCC on August 9 2014 then scheduled my Nclex for Oct 8th. Let me just share with you it was HARD for me to focus on my studies because after graduating I moved back home and didn't have any professors or teachers giving us due dates and grades. There would be days where I would not do anything productive! Studying for the nclex has to come from ones own will to succeed and follow their dreams and as the test date approached I began asking myself why I started this journey and why did I want to be a nurse. With that I re-lit a fire of passion inside me and committed all my time to the test. October 8th came and I have to say the Nclex is no joke. I have read on other forums that some people think the Nclex is harder than the exit HESI but from my point of view that was not true. I left that testing center lost and confused only expecting the worst and hoping for the best and when I got home I told my parents that I was positive I failed and will need to start applying for other jobs. After 48hrs i bough the quick results and I LITERALLY ALMOST punched a hole through my computer. I passed my nclex and now im a real nurse :) This journey took me 5yrs and i finally achieved my goal. I start my new job at UMCB on the acute care Ortho/neuro unit on monday and cannot wait! If anyone one has any question on my study plan or what i used feel free to ask. This is a scary experience for everybody and I just want to support any new/upcoming test takers to let yall know ya'll are not alone in this. At the end of the day no matter where your graduating from or working at, we all represent the same profession. :)