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  1. Patience

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    Precious Joy Purity Virginity Strawberry
  2. Patience

    Favorite Dr or Nurse Name

    Dr Stopaining
  3. Patience

    What does your username mean?

    Name of my favourite song.
  4. Patience

    Fake Nails on Nurses, Yay or Nay?

    I was just wondering what everyone thought about nurses having gel or acrylic fake nails. There are a few girls on my unit that have them. I wanted to know what people's opinions were or if your unit or place of work has a policy about them. ~Jes~ (sorry all i don't know how to make a poll on here.)
  5. Patience

    Nursing and tattoos

    i unfortunately don't have any tattoos yet. But i'm just trying to decide on the exact design i want. I do however have my ears pierced 13 times (7 in my left, and 6 in my right) As well as my nose. All of which i wear at work, and i've never had a patient say anything bad about my piercings, they actually work quite well as conversation starters
  6. Patience

    Lowest blood sugar you have seen

    I was going to answer, but our ways of measuring blood sugar are different. Can i ask how you measure your in the states? For us a Blood Sugar of between 5-9mmol is considered great. But i've seen a patient with a blood sugar of 1.9,
  7. Patience

    Payrange in your area?

    I live in alberta canada and as an LPN up here we start at $17.39 going up to approx $21.89, And i work on a general medicine unit at out pt to nurse ratio varies between 4:1, to 6 or 7:1 depending on if we're short staffed or not
  8. Patience

    Job interview jitters

    HEY ALL! JUST WANTED TO LET EVERYONE KNOW THAT MY INTERVIEW WENT EXCEPTIONALLY WELL, AND MY INTERVIEWERS WERE EXTREMELY IMPRESSED WITH ME. AND I GOT A PHONE CALL THIS MORNING OFFERING ME A FULL TIME POSITION ON GENERAL MEDICINE! I'm so excited as this was the first nursing job i'd applied for, and the first interview i went to for a nursing position, and i got the job!
  9. Patience

    Job interview jitters

    i just don't want to end up getting hired, and show up with my piercings, and have them say, wait you didn't have those when we hired you. It's also a great hassle to take them all out. But i suppose it's something that i can deal with taking out for one interview, then bringing up the question during my interview. Thanks all for the tips. I'm now off to bed to get rested up for my interview is tomorrow morning.
  10. Patience

    Kinda Cute

    that is my favorite joke ever! it's so funny
  11. Patience


    haha! that's great!
  12. Patience

    Job interview jitters

    I've never had any of my instructors voice a problem with my piercings, and none of the units that i have done placements on (including maternity) have said anything about my earrings. Do you guys think that i should keep them in, and then ask what their policy is during the interview?
  13. Patience

    Another Email

    haha that was hilarious!
  14. Patience

    Job interview jitters

    When you say no jewelry, i have a question there. i have my ears pierced 13 times (7 in one, and 6 in the other) I've never had a problem anywhere that i've done my clinical placements, relating to my piercings. They're all very plain looking studs, nothing dangly or outrageous. but my question is should i keep them all in for the interview? And then just ask about their policy with piercings?
  15. Patience

    Job interview jitters

    I can't believe nobody has any tips. Please i really could use some advice, i've never had a job interview in nursing before and i'm really really nervous.
  16. Patience

    Job interview jitters

    Hey all! I'm a new grad (as of a month ago today!!!) and i have my temporary LPN license, i just got a call today about a job interview on a General Internal medicine unit at a hospital here. And this is going to be my first job interview for an LPN (well any nursing) position. I was wondering if you have any tips you could give me to help my interview go smoothly. Or any tough questions i should be prepared for being asked. all help is greatly appreciated!