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  1. ashleyp1984

    SPC nursing 2015

    I am applying in the fall as well. I am finishing up statistics this semester. I am doing pretty well in it. I have an A. I should have a 3.8 once all my pre-reqs are completed. I am hoping that my GPA is high enough to get into the program for fall. I also don't know since I am finishing my last prereq now if I will have to wait another semester to get into the program because Stats wasn't done when I first applied.
  2. ashleyp1984

    SPC Fall 2014 Nursing Applicants

    I am taking ethics this summer too. I am taking microbiology this fall. I am afraid to take statistics. I began taking it last semester, and had to drop it. I am on the verge of having a 3.8 as well. I am taking HIM classes in the meantime while waiting for the RN program. Its a lot of work but definitely worth it. I am so excited. I am a pinellas county resident and hoping to raise my gpa even more before I get into the program. However, I have been told that people with 3.5's have recently gotten accepted. So I think it depends on whose applying. I do know they take the pinellas county residents... All of them before any other counties, because I used to live in Pasco a few years ago, and didn't even bother to come to this school until we moved as I was told I wouldn't get in because they take all Pinellas residents first. Luckily, my boyfriend got a job and we moved to the area. Still I have three classes left : Stats, Ethics (I am taking now) and Micro in the Fall. I am going to apply right after I am done with Micro. I have been told that people have gotten in as long as they have most of everything done, a good GPA, and residency. How do you get into EAYL? Do you have to be a medical professional in order to be part of that?
  3. ashleyp1984

    SPC (St. Petersburg College) Fall 2014-2015 Hopefuls?

    I am a potential RN. I am taking my ethics class this summer. I am also taking a medical records class. I figure this is important. I didn't want to take microbiology or statistics online or in the summer. I was taking Stats last semester, and had to drop it. I was taking too much on. I am scheduled to take Microbiology in the fall. I don't think I am going to take stats till the next semester. I just can't take such a hard class with another class that's going to take so much of my time. I was told I could still apply with just not having my stats class completed. All other prereq's will be done before I apply. I have a good GPA. 3.7. It was 3.8 but my accounting class brought it down a bit. I am also working on the HIM program while I am waiting and as a backup plan. Though I have been told people can get into the RN program with a 3.5, and I know I can raise it by getting 2 A's in my classes back to a 3.8. I should be good to go. Who knows though. I am so nervous on this process. I just want to get into the program! I feel our pain lol.
  4. ashleyp1984

    SPC Nursing Program Spring 2014

    From what I heard you do have to live in county, because they have such a high competitive rate. There are so many people trying to get into the program, and not enough spots. What I was told when I asked for a friend who didn't live in the county, was that they had to wait until everyone who was a pinellas county resident got in, and then if there was any spots left they'd get in. My friend decided to go to PCC instead because of this.
  5. ashleyp1984

    SPC Nursing Program Spring 2014

    I can't wait until I get accepted. I still have one more semester left of classes to do though. I am taking my ethics class during the summer, and then take Stats and Micro in the Fall. Then all of my prereqs will finally be done. What is the average GPA to get in right now? I have a 3.8. I am hoping this is enough to get me in.
  6. ashleyp1984

    South University- Nursing

    South University is the worst school that I have ever been too. Thankfully all my classes transferred when I left the school to attend the school I am at now. South isn't necessarily bad in terms of teachers. In fact, I had a couple good teachers while attending school there. The problems lie in the following formats: 1) The school is unbelievably priced. I have never been to a worse college in terms of expense. If I would have stayed at this college I would have ate through all my financial aid before even getting to the core nursing classes. I mean talking about almost $7,000 per quarter which is unheard of. I am paying no where near that at the new school I am attending, and getting more classes. 2) The way the school is set up. It's not set up in semesters but in quarters. I am not kidding when I tell you my Anatomy and Physiology class I packed 16 chapters in 2 weeks. How is that even possible? Its not when each chapter is hefty and loaded with information. Everything in the chapters is fair game. How do you read that fast, and comprehend what your reading? You would have to have every day of those 2 weeks devoted to nothing but reading the material. When you have a family and job it's not possible. I normally have a 4.0 GPA but the same thing happened with the Medical terminology class. I ended up bringing my 4.0 down to a 3.8. I moved from another state, and had one B in a math class. But I had brought my gpa up highly and this school just does things backwards 3) They have a bunch of young kids manning the offices. I still haven't gotten one of my financial aid checks. They took forever in forwarding my transcripts. I paid online to have my transcripts sent to my new college and they never sent them out. I had to drive to the college and pick up my transcripts and hand deliver them to my new college. I am very disappointed with this college. I think some of the teachers are great. But some are terrible. The school is unprofessional. I would recommend it to anybody. Your living in state, and are paying out of state tuition. I understand that its a private facility. But the prices are terrible and not worth the money. It did nothing but bring my GPA down. I am lucky I have a natural aptitude for my science classes or this could have been a nightmare. And one other thing noteworthy: If your taking online classes don't be surprised if teachers drop you. Not only not taking online classes but in school classes. I was dropped from my English class because I missed 2 classes. I called in. I had to go home for a death in the family. I talked to someone and my teacher and they all assured me it would be all right. Well I get an email that I am being dropped from my classes. I rose this to the attention of the dean who fixed the problem since nobody else could and everybody blamed everyone else for the mistake. The teacher blamed the administration, and the administration blamed the teacher. I just wanted this to be dealt with efficiently which it wasn't till I rose the issue to the Dean. I was not paying a crazy expensive amount of money for 1 class to be booted out. I did two quarters there, and basically ran out of there. This is my terrible experience. It may not be the same for everybody, but before I attended the school I did some research. I saw reviews upon reviews about how terrible this school was. I didn't attend the online school at first, and went to the campus school thinking they were different. Well they weren't. This was something else quite misleading. So do your research before attending this school. I had to find out the hard way because I am bullheaded. Please don't make the same mistake. I don't know anything about the PA program. I do plan on getting my nurse practitioner degree. But really won't be coming back to this school ever again.
  7. ashleyp1984

    Most difficult thing about nursing school?

    Just started pre nursing classes, and so far its been okay. I hate math though, and realize it's an integral part of the nursing program. I just have to keep on chugging along. So far it's not too bad.