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OneDuckyRN has 3 years experience and specializes in ICU.

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  1. This week, I learned that the number of people who show up to a code is inversely proportional to the amount of space the code is taking place in. There is one unit in my facility that still has 4-bed wards, and as luck would have it, the code w...
  2. OneDuckyRN

    CLEP Question

    CLEP testing will probably only help you if the school you are applying to will accept it for credit. Otherwise I would suggest retaking the sciences again and utilizing any available resources (tutoring, supplemental instruction etc.) A lot of progr...
  3. OneDuckyRN

    Student wanting job in L&D

    I don't know where you're located, but where I am, L&D requires a MINIMUM 1 year of med/surg experience before you would even be considered. Plus my facility has an OB fellowship that is required after the 1 year of experience.
  4. I've done it a couple of times. Both times the patient asked if I could take it off before I ever got out of the room, thankfully. Now, I add that to my mental list of things to make sure I have in my throw-away pile: chux pad, leftover tape, flus...
  5. OneDuckyRN

    Thought this was funny - From Gomer Blog

    Agreed. I usually love GomerBlog, but this one was definitely a disappointment.
  6. This. I have a colleague who insists on saying her pt is "destatting." Makes me want to tear my hair out. 😁
  7. OneDuckyRN

    Your worst nightmare (Part deux)

    Shortly after I started doing charge, I started having this nightmare that some patient on the floor was coding. I could hear the code alarm, but could never figure out where it was coming from. For some reason, it wasn't being paged overhead either....
  8. OneDuckyRN

    Why don't you just read the chart?

    It's probably been said more than once, but I wanted to get my thoughts out while I still know what I want to say on this topic. Sure, I've read the chart if you give me more than 5 seconds between the admit being paged, and you calling to see if ...
  9. OneDuckyRN

    BE HONEST! What part of your job do you hate?

    I hate when families have unrealistic expectations of their loved one's outcome. You know, the ones where the pt looks absolutely miserable, but the family is convinced he or she is getting SOOO much better! The prayers are really working! He's go...
  10. OneDuckyRN

    Now THAT'S a lab result

    Not a lab result, but still... B/P 40/20. Awake and talking. Improved to 80s/40s on 30 of Levophed. And I had one HECK of a time convincing the doc that she needed to be transferred back to ICU because stepdowns don't titrate for B/P at my faci...
  11. OneDuckyRN

    New-ish charge RN - advice please!

    I should have clarified what I meant by staffing decisions not being within my control. The staffing office tells me how many nurses/techs I get, and who gets cancelled if I have too many on the schedule. I misinterpreted what I was told and cancel...
  12. OneDuckyRN

    Well, Isn't This Special

    What in the ACTUAL H#$%? Problem is, there are some families on my unit right now who would TOTALLY go for something like this. If they ever got wind of this app, I would seriously consider quitting my job on the spot.
  13. OneDuckyRN

    New-ish charge RN - advice please!

    I have recently started doing charge in my unit because almost all of our charge nurses left for other jobs. I was given a little bit of (very) informal training on doing charge, but never got any real orientation to the role, and sort of had it dum...
  14. OneDuckyRN

    The Official I Hate School Thread

    I had to wipe iced tea off my MacBook screen after "adolescent rectal orifice." Just sayin'. I live across the street from a non-adolescent rectal orifice who can't understand why my protective dog goes bat-poop crazy when said rectal orifice start...
  15. OneDuckyRN

    Sepsis Screening?

    Our protocol is similar to this with one difference: nurses can order lactate levels independently (per protocol, no cosign required) for 2/4 SIRS criteria met. If the lactate comes back >2, then we notify the physician and get orders for the sep...
  16. OneDuckyRN

    "Don't Work" Isn't An Answer

    Not working (or working very little) would be the IDEAL situation. But you're right, it's not realistic for everyone, or even almost everyone. I held down 2 jobs while doing my ADN and managed to keep a 4.0 throughout. I was in school pretty much ...