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  1. Catty bs

    It all depends on the people involved. You'll encounter it in school, as well as the workplace. I struggle with the same issues in some of my coworkers... You just have to learn how to ignore it and not get wrapped up in the pettiness. Good luck!
  2. I don't know about that...I think it probably depends on the degree of developmental delay. I think some might require reminders, while others would need supervision, and still others should probably not be self-administering. OP...can you enlight...
  3. Amber Does the Unthinkable

    I agree with *what* Amber did, but I don't necessarily agree with *how* she did it. Yes, she needed 10 minutes to regroup. However, she should have told the ER nurse she'd call her back in 10 minutes instead of just hanging up. The next move would...
  4. Moral character

    I almost got a chuckle out of that...I wasn't aware anyone was even using that term anymore!
  5. Moral character

    Not only do I not think my employer has the right to know my health history, I'm pretty sure it would be illegal for them to even ask. Beyond my annual TB test, I don't get asked anything unless I happen to experience a needlestick.
  6. Patient refuses meds and treatment

    5 words: patient's right to self determination. But yeah, I agree with the PP. Show us what you've done thus far. We can't do your work for you.
  7. Children of teachers/employees

    This. My mom worked for my school district. She did several different jobs throughout the years I was in school, and as luck would have it, she was frequently working in the same building as me. It was a very small district so there was no getting aw...
  8. This week, I learned that the number of people who show up to a code is inversely proportional to the amount of space the code is taking place in. There is one unit in my facility that still has 4-bed wards, and as luck would have it, the code was ...
  9. CLEP Question

    CLEP testing will probably only help you if the school you are applying to will accept it for credit. Otherwise I would suggest retaking the sciences again and utilizing any available resources (tutoring, supplemental instruction etc.) A lot of progr...
  10. Student wanting job in L&D

    I don't know where you're located, but where I am, L&D requires a MINIMUM 1 year of med/surg experience before you would even be considered. Plus my facility has an OB fellowship that is required after the 1 year of experience.
  11. 0200 BP's - Dealing with Tired Rude Doctors

    In my facility, any patient on tele is also on q4h vitals. This is hospital policy. Since I'm a stepdown nurse, this goes for >90% of my patients. Our standard is also to call the doctor on any SBP higher than 160, but our docs frequently change t...
  12. WHAT TO DO...Nurse is refusing to give PRN medication

    In Michigan we swear by Vernor's, but if the resident is needing Zofran q6h, it may not help him much. It could be worth a try, though!
  13. Epic class

    I have not heard of these being offered outside of a job. Where I work, Epic training is part of orientation and I doubt they would waive it even for a new hire who has used Epic previously. I think this is because Epic is customizable for individual...
  14. Emotional abuse

    It all falls under the umbrella of domestic violence. I have heard it said that in some ways, verbal and emotional abuse is almost worse for the victim than physical violence because often, the victim has lived with it for a longer period of time, a...
  15. Why don't nurses bond?

    I think it all depends on the environment AND the people in it. If you work someplace with low turnover, the likelihood of bonding goes up. I used to work on a unit (not as an RN) where the entire staff was close with one another, and when somethi...