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  1. Nurse Mobbing/bullying

    I understand completly about leaving employment d/t unethical conduct, however has that ever caused you difficullty in finding another job( having job hopped- so to speak) ?
  2. Well said!
  3. Charting/Nurses Notes

    Brown eyes Sorry to say i am no longer at my previous job. I hope you did'nt fax anything there, because i would'nt have got it. Sorry for the inconveinence.
  4. If you have accsess to a Social Worker they are wonderful keepers of resources, and could give you names of agencies for the visually impaired that you could search for teaching tools. For example The lighthouse for the blind, or you could try the A...
  5. How would you handle this?

    Is a care attendent the same as a cna? I feel for you! I have had similer experiences with cna's. I know its not easy but all you can do is remain calm and professional, and stand your ground! It sounds that she is insubordinate to you. I would defin...
  6. Beginning to dislike LTC d/t a coworker

    Are you union? I would like to learn more about this. Care to share?
  7. What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    That's what I thought too! Ha Ha
  8. What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    I was working in the nicu when we had a threat of a tornado. Some Nurses got pulled to go to a sister hospital in town to assist in the disaster plan. When all was over one of the nurses returned with this story: She was assissting the nurses in givi...
  9. Charting/Nurses Notes

    Can you please fax me too any thing you can about documentation. I need help. I e-mailed you but if it doesnt work my no. is 940-686-2323 Attenion Jenny Thanks a bunch :rotfl:
  10. Safe Harbor when to evoke it?

    Both nurses quit this eve without notice. I' ll be working doubles this week-end after working 60 hours this week. ugh :angryfire It's tough doing the right thing and trying to hold nurses accountable for their actions.
  11. Safe Harbor when to evoke it?

    Try and get them to understand that!!!! That's what this is all about, that they feel that its unsafe without them. I agree but i cant get Nurses to work without them. I spend a great deal of time educating the CMA.s but I fully agree with you.
  12. Safe Harbor when to evoke it?

    Just got a phone call from both nurses who quit effective now due to duress. Its late fri eve and now I have doubles x 2 sat and sun to cover. :angryfire Unreal!
  13. Safe Harbor when to evoke it?

    Actually, I was in the bldg on that morning, working in Medical Records and I left aprox 10 am and saw both Nurses before I left and they informed me that the med aide had not arrived yet but would be there when she got the tire fixed. Not one of t...
  14. Safe Harbor when to evoke it?

    You are sooooo Right! It seems that everytime I don't I live to regret it.
  15. Safe Harbor when to evoke it?

    Thanks for that! The Nurse continued to shout at me and stated that I promised her a Med-aide every week-end. That was my response too. I can't guarentee anything. Life Happens.