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  1. FarrarSanchez

    home health compliance/fraud worry

    I'm an administrator in home health in TX and discovered a nurse was charting visits she did not perform. When I notified my boss of this, she directed me to "stop digging". I feel that we need to investigate and find ALL visits that may be fraudulent, not just the visits on the original reported patient, so that we aren't billing for services not provided. I did a full investigation into all visits I felt she had most likely not performed and sent it to corporate, but nothing has been done. what is my responsibility as a nurse. Do I leave it up to corporate leadership, who will probably sweep it under the rug? Is my license at risk by their actions?
  2. FarrarSanchez

    SNu staff ratios?

    I am working on staffing protocols at my facility, which includes a SNU unit where they do a little rehab each day. What are staff to patient ratios at your facilities? I know what's ideal, and I know what we currently do, but I'd love hard numbers for comparison. Thank you!
  3. FarrarSanchez

    Least Senior RN to Supervisor

    I became nursing supervisor after 8 months at my current job. It's because I perform better in the ways that management sees: documentation, solving customer complaints, getting along with and motivating all member of team, not complaining. We all have talents. Some of the nurses I supervise have better technical skills than me in one way or another. I recognize that freely. And not all floor nurses-not even many floor nurses-want to move into management. Some just want to work their shifts and go home. If you want it and are offered it, take it! There has been some awkwardness supervising people who precepted me, but we got through it. Just approach it as a different team members, different strengths thing, and not a "you're better than them" thing. I've discovered I love administration and am now applying for MHA programs, with an eye on DON someday.
  4. FarrarSanchez

    100 mile commute. Worth it?

    I commute almost an hour each way, because I love my job and company. Do what you want, it's not forever. personally, I love flexibility so I would take the farther one.
  5. FarrarSanchez

    SNU unit ratio?

    Can I ask what typical staff/patient ratios are in your SNU's that do some rehab? I'm working on ratio protocol for our SNU unit and I need some hard numbers to back me up. Thank you!
  6. FarrarSanchez

    hard to get first job with no experience beyond nursing school?

    I have 4 kids and a husband who works nights, as it is the only study time I get is after the last kiddo gets tucked in, so working a shift or two wouldn't take much from that. Finding childcare for 4 would be a pretty big issue, though, no more than I would make as a CNA. That's why I haven't worked in 10 years-it would literally cost me money to do so.
  7. I am in my mid thirties, halfway through nursing school. I have not worked since right after getting my BA 13 years ago. Do I need to work as a PCT or CNA now, during school, in order to have job experience on my resume? Or would hiring managers just as soon hire someone who hasn't learned any possible "bad habits" at other jobs and is teachable? I am doing very well in school, making A's and getting good clinical evals. I just don't want to graduate and get my license and not be able to find a job due to lack of employment history.
  8. I just got my rank score from ACC. It's 50.75, which some places looks good, and some places looks bad. I will not sleep a wink until the 19th! Has anyone else gone through the ACC application process and gotten in with that score? Thanks!