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  1. FutureNurse1981

    HESI Test help

    Hello everyone, I took my HESI entrance exam at Hondros College (Cleveland Independence Campus) I did not pass even though I had been preparing for roughly six months. Math is my biggest struggle I have the book and mainy used that to study. My question is what else can I do to prepare for this again, I am feeling very defeated (I have to wait 90 days to take it again) I also did not have the best adissions interview experiance,The gentleman that did the interview was very short and I felt as though he could not get me out of his office fast enough. I asked if I could schedule the test again while i was there ( I felt this would keep me motivated) He basically discouaged it. Not sure what to do about any of this, Any help would be appeciated
  2. FutureNurse1981

    Study tips for nursing pre entrance exam

    Hello I am wondering if perhaps anyone has some study tips for the pre entrance test into NURSING? I have takin it twice and have not been able to pass any help would be greatly appreciated thank you

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