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  1. nursed40

    Navy Reserves

    I am currently in the Navy but I am getting out in 2 months and also starting school this summer. The Navy reserve has some good options. There is the TMS option where if you agree to 6 years of reserve service once you are done with school, they will give you 2 grand a month during your schooling as well as a 50K loan repayment. so if your school is 30 months long, you will get 60K plus the 50K loan repayment for a total of 110K in return for 6 years of reserve service once you finish. With this option, you do not have to drill during school which is really nice. Or you could always join the reserves when you are done with school and sign up for a shorter duration like 3 years. Maybe the bonuses will be higher in a few years?? I almost opted for the TMS option, but I decided I wanted a clean break from the military and will reevaluate things after I am done with school. Hope this helps!
  2. nursed40

    Northeastern University Fall 2014 CRNA start

    To make it easier for those that can't PM, my email is nightnurse671@gmail.com. Looking forward to meeting everyone =)
  3. nursed40

    Nurse with 10 years adult experience starting NICU ..... help!!!!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your nursing care. It definitely takes a special person to care for sick babies all day!
  4. nursed40

    Northeastern University Fall 2014 CRNA start

    Congrats BTCRN!!! I'm sure the next 3 years will be a new challenge but definitely worth it! No, I did not interview on the 9th so I am pretty sure we haven't met. I'll send you a PM with my info.
  5. Just wanted to start a thread for networking purposes for those of you who were accepted into NEU class that starts in September 2014. It's starting to sink in for me that after all the hoops I have jumped through, I will be in CRNA school this time next year :)
  6. nursed40

    FGCU starting January 2014

    I was thinking of applying for next year, but found out I got into Missouri. Good luck
  7. nursed40

    missouri state university CRNA 2013 interview

    I just sent you a PM.
  8. nursed40

    which route to take to be an ER nurse? please help

    I agree! Most hospitals won't look at you without the BSN.
  9. nursed40

    Medication tidbits an ER nurse should always know

    Be careful when giving IV phenergan to elderly patients. 25mg could either make them sleep for 8 hours or start hallucinating!
  10. nursed40

    ER vs Med/surg- someone wanna clue me in?

    After working ER and medsurg, I would say ER is where you want to be. Every day you see different pt's and you get instant gratification helping people with acute problems. While on med surg i felt like all i did was run around pushing meds and answering call lights.
  11. nursed40

    Is anyone in the navy reserve?

    Where did you go to anesthesia school? Did you still drill during your CRNA program?
  12. nursed40

    ODS aug. 2012 and stationed at NAS Jacksonville

    I lived in JAX for 2 years as a Navy nurse. I loved it there! If you like night life then live in Southside since its about half way in between the beaches and the hospital. I lived near orange park when i first moved there and hated it due to heavy traffic. Good luck!
  13. nursed40

    Guys, what do you like best about being a nurse?

    I like working with smart women who are caring. If you are looking for a girl, the hospital is a great place to be!
  14. nursed40

    Supplies a new grad ER Nurse should carry

    Make sure you get scrub bottoms that either have cargo pockets to carry more things like flushes. You could also consider getting a stylish fanny pack and keep things you use often.
  15. nursed40

    New grad RN needs advice

    Try checking out icufaqs.org. It goes over all the things a new nurse will need to know!