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  1. KU vs U of M Flint

    Hey all, I have been accepted to both the University of Kansas and the University of Michigan-Flint's DNAP programs. Trying to decide between the two of them. I have a wife and a baby on the way. U of M is much closer to home. However, the students I...
  2. RNs who guide nursing students during clinicals (and do a dang good job of it!)

    Yes, thank you, preceptors!
  3. First I being too hard on myself

    That is common. I had straight A's going into the nursing program, and often got mid 80's on first exams in nursing classes. The first is always the hardest as you are getting used to the new prof, material, and testing style. Don't beat yourself up,...
  4. Omg

    It works, you would be the first I heard of if it doesn't.
  5. Updating resume to include Electronic Medical recording

    It is a good idea to have a section on our resume that outlines our special skills, and use of the EMR is a skill. Just include it there.
  6. Negative Feedback from GN Interview - HELP!!!

    What I have found that interviewers like is a confidence in your ability to succeed, but acknowledgement that you will work with your more experienced colleagues and use them as a resource for areas you are unskilled. You are a new grad, so they do n...
  7. Job Help!

    I'm referring to the nurse recruiter. Sometimes it may be helpful to contact the nurse manager directly, if they allow that. I would go for wherever you want to work, if rehab is easier to get into it may be a good idea, especially if you need emplo...
  8. When can you shadow a CRNA? And how did it go?

    I shadowed a CRNA when I was just out of high school. No reason to wait, I would recommend you do it early so you have a better idea of what you want to do as you go through nursing school and find a specialty. The best way is to ask around, ask pe...
  9. Job Help!

    I also passed in July and searched for jobs over the summer. I just got hired with no healthcare experience on an acute care floor at a large hospital, so your chances are not that slim. In my opinion, the key is to zero in on a couple/few more local...
  10. Just took my NCLEX-RN, about that Pearson Vue Trick!!

    Just remember to think of each option as a true/false question; take each option one at a time. I used Hurst - I recommend it highly.
  11. Pneumonia Question

    3L/day = 125 ml/hr - a very common IVF rate. NCLEX rule is to do whatever you can to help the patient in a dangerous situation before you call the doc, and increasing fluids would help to loosen secretions as previously stated. My choice would have b...
  12. Best start on road to CRNA

    Took the cardiology job. Hopefully I will have opportunities in critical care open up in time; right now I am looking forward to this job and the opportunities it will offer.
  13. Just got called for an interview!!!!

    Also, bring several copies of your resume on a quality resume paper and hand them to all the members of the panel at the beginning of the interview.
  14. Best start on road to CRNA

    The offer is not for the residency, but they allow new nurses who have worked there under two years to apply, so I would have an opportunity to enroll in the future. It is my impression that medical cardiology would be better than a mix of med-surg/...
  15. Just got called for an interview!!!!

    Just had two this week as a new grad. Google some sample nursing interview questions. Know about the organization, any awards, what they are known for, etc. Prepare a good description of yourself, your best qualities, why you are a nurse. Some quest...