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  1. shmedium

    Resources (books) for new grad in ED?

    I second this book. Also, "Fast Facts for the ER nurse" is very good. Medical texts like Tintinalli's is awesome as well.
  2. shmedium


    I'm a male patient care assistant in a hospital. I've worked there for 10 months. Recently I've noticed some backstabbing from some surprising sources. The other day my boss called me into the office and had me sign a paper she had typed up with some very vague complaints. There were no specific instances documented, though through our discussion I deduced some of the people with whom she had conversations. Vague things about disappearing for long periods of time, etc. The instances of disappearing are called lunch breaks. If they are going to subtract money from me each day, then I am entitled. I haven't discounted that my boss does not like me and wants to get rid of me and this is the first step. I'm sad because up until this point I enjoyed where I work very much and was having a blast taking care of patients.
  3. shmedium

    teaching plan help

    affective is why it is important, or how it will benefit health
  4. shmedium

    teaching plan help

    Psychomotor can be how to properly put on a condom, for example. Cognitive is easy enough. I'm not sure for affective for a group teaching plan.
  5. shmedium

    teaching plan help

    I have to do a teaching plan for my class on contraception. It had to include all the domains. Any suggestions?