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  1. Tulsa13

    TulsaTech 2013

    Okie36... Thanks so much for the info. I actually have already applied, took hesi& did the program visit. So my application is completed. I think I'm more so anxious to know if I will walk right in or be on waiting list...I did apply for both day&evening. Ughhh I just really want to start this spring!! But again thank you sooooo much for updating me! Good luck to you :)
  2. Tulsa13

    TulsaTech 2013

    okie36, ok thanks for the info. I just moved here last month, I took the HESI last month and made about average. I'm praying that I get spring2014. Do you know anything about how the wait list works?? Thanks again!
  3. Tulsa13

    Tulsa Tech Spring 2013

    What is the lowest amount of points that they accept? I'm hoping to get in Spring 2014.. Will someone please share details on how to get in....
  4. Tulsa13

    Took NCLEX today 08/31/13 and...

  5. Tulsa13

    Dating former patient

    Don't do it
  6. How many points are needed to get into tt
  7. Tulsa13

    TulsaTech 2013

    Does anyone know how many points are needed to get in lpn at tulsatech?