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  1. RegenerativeNurse

    What Do You Keep In Your Pockets?

    Being a new nurse to dialysis I'm curious as to what veteran nurses keep in their scrubs throughout the day to have on hand and stay prepared? So besides the obvious alcohol wipes and gloves what do you all keep in your pockets and why? -Thx
  2. RegenerativeNurse

    New RN Can't Handle the Unit. Is this Normal?

    Remember its your license on the line. And no one to share the blame with. Personally I'd secure a job elsewhere and move on. Nothing is worth putting my hard work on the line.
  3. So I was recently reading an article that suggestes many ways to fit in 5 or 10 mins exercise sessions into an 8hr works day to meet the current recommendations of 30minutes of mild-moderate exercise for adults. Now I feel like as nurses we are already on our feet walking (sometimes running) all day for 12hrs. However it did get me to thinking if it was possible to get in a few squats, lunges, modified bicep curls etc without looking as though you're slacking (or crazy) while you're on the floor. I'm all for fitness and health. Esp when after hectic shifts when the last thing on my mind is a quick set of jumping jacks stretching. Has anyone achieved this? What's your tips and tricks? Do you even think it necessary in/during our line of work?
  4. RegenerativeNurse

    Newbie Dialysis RN

    Thank you for responding and for your kind words! I am very much excited to begin training and learning how to do my role. Although I don't have an in depth knowledge of dialysis i have always been interested in this field. I'm hoping that it'll be something i come to love!
  5. RegenerativeNurse

    nurse interview questions in nephrology

    No problem! I hope it helped. Good Luck!!
  6. Licensure in Virginia...


    Can anyone here tell me if they applied for licensure without 500 RN and 400 LPN clinical hours? It says that if you graduate from a school with less than what they require you can still apply as long as you have 960 clinical hours and your employer has to send the form directly to the board. So I’m guessing as long as you meet the clinical requirements between school and work it’s okay? 

    1. RegenerativeNurse

      RegenerativeNurse, ASN, LPN, RN

      In Virginia? Honestly idk. I'm NY licensed. There should be an online board of Nursing for your state that you can use as a reference. Or ask your school?

  7. RegenerativeNurse

    Nclex RN

    My classmate had a similiar situation. She decided to use Kaplan and Uworld to study. She said Kaplan not only gave her content but it taught her HOW to answer the questions. Kaplan actually plays a part in making the NCLEX so i feel like you can't go wrong there.
  8. RegenerativeNurse

    Sat my NCLEX-RN today

    It took about 2 weeks. I recieved my certificate before my name was posted. CONGRATULATIONS!! They say if you walk away feeling like you failed then you probably passed.
  9. I've seen, smelled, and have heard a lot over the years as I'm sure we all have. I will NEVER forget during a clinical when our professor was teaching us how to suction a trach. The sound alone made me gag not mention seeing the secretions enter into the cannister. Then the patient coughed and sputum flew across the room! From then on i dread any suctioning of secretions esp trach. I can handle vomit. I even love a great wound, smell doesn't bother me. But sputum is the #1 most dreadful shudder inducing thing i always hope to avoid. So what is it that you absolutely cannot deal not with (even though you have to do it)? Share your story!
  10. RegenerativeNurse

    Nursing Smells You Love?

    Love the smell of the chlorhexidine applicator swabs for IV Insertion. Dakins solution. The Clorox wipes. && of course alcohol wipes.
  11. RegenerativeNurse

    Dilemma! Help please!!

    Go for what you want! I knew i wanted MICU or ED before i graduated. Sure enough i was hired as a new graduate RN in the ED . Everybody says you should/have to do 1 yr med/surg before specializing. I say if u get right into your specialty you'll develop all the skills and whatnot you need for THAT specialty. Med/surg is general but you don't handle things in the ED the same way you would in Med/Surg. You don't even document the same. So dont give up on what you want!
  12. RegenerativeNurse

    Failed Nclex after 2 years now what?

    I want to believe you passed! ?
  13. Trying to decide which online RN to BSN program to go with. Chamberlain is looking like the #1 choice. SUNY Buffalo is #2!  

  14. RegenerativeNurse

    which fluid remove from body during Dialysis??

    Trying to "study" before beginning my new dialysis job & this is very helpful! Thank you!
  15. RegenerativeNurse

    what's the entry salary nowadays for a dialysis RN?

    Westchester NY Area. Ranges 32$-40$. 34$ starting without prior dialysis experience for me.
  16. RegenerativeNurse

    Dialysis Nursing in a nutshell

    I've recently accepted a position in an outpatient dialysis clinic. I'm excited to get started yet nervous especially bc i will need half hr breaks every few hrs to pump. Ready to get my feet wet!