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  1. taggart84

    A penny for your thoughts

    I know that nobody can know for sure "what's going to happen?" Or give legal advice. However, can a patient in a hospital have a positive toxicology screen and the hospital send that info to the Bon? Use nor hosp had anything to do with a job. Can the hospital, knowing one is a nurse (not at that hosp), take action?
  2. taggart84

    What have you learned about Death?

    I've learned: Patients, even geriatric with dementia will often wait for a certain family member to visit before they let go. Morphine and Ativan speed up the process and prevents suffering. There is a calm before the storm. Geriatrics usually have a good day, sometimes even lucid moments before their downward spiral. Death can be a relief.
  3. taggart84

    Breaking the Ice with Patients

    I would start off with your energy before entering the room. You want to be positive and upbeat but not annoyingly cheery. A calm and friendly demeanor will allow others to feel you can be trusted. Shake hands, when appropriate, and look people in the eye. Smile! Introduce yourself and explain what you are able to offer them. Respect their replies, and always always respect their dignity as humans first, Patient XYZ with hip fx last.
  4. taggart84

    How did your employer recognize Nurse's Day?

    We got a bottle of Mountain Dew with a mounds bar attached. A card read "Mounds of thanks for all you Dew". A personal thank you card with $25 gift card. We had breakfast and a poem. Last year was bath and body works gift bags with gift card.
  5. Just keep swimming! 🏊 nursing school, like most bad dreams, doesn't last forever.
  6. taggart84

    how do your inmates submit sick calls?

    In my wife's facility sick call requests are handed out by officers and nurses upon request of the inmate. Sick calls are done by each shift and they typically hand out as many as they do. There are protocols in place about how many and how often they can be seen but that wasn't your question so much. In short, sick call requests must be rendered. It may not be granted, but they have the right to request.
  7. taggart84

    Could you see yourself being anything else besides a nurse?

    A UPS driver. I get to drive around with no doors, getting a tan, with very short interactions with others.
  8. taggart84

    How many of you actually enjoy your job?!

    I love the health benefits for my family. I love my salary and the flexibility Homecare gives me. I mostly like the day to day work. I have, however, loved jobs before. It's possible!
  9. Oh I don't like that all!
  10. taggart84

    What did I do wrong?

    Touch the quote once lightly. Quote is an option.
  11. I'm an LPN with a Homecare company that I love. I've been a nurse for 6 years and this is the first company where I feel belonging to. I do visits (vs shift) for recently hospital discharged or acute flare up adult patients. A lot of hips, knees, CHF, A-Fib and wounds. I'm pretty good at the skills portion of my job and still have a lot to learn with the patient education part. I've been in dementia ltc and then 4 years home health psych. So education about CHF and the like are not my forte. Okay. At 4pm today I walked into a patients house prepared for the visit. I had seen him yesterday so today would be similar. He had an infected wound which led to antibiotics through a PICC. Got everything set up while he took his sweet time drinking coffee while I waited. Finally got him in place. I flushed him, primed my line, and hung the bag. Then I did his intense and awesome wound. Drew my labs via VP, an LPN in my state can't draw through the PICC. Unhooked bag, flushed both lumens. All I had to do was change the dressing. I had my field set up and began removing his old. The tegaderm got tangled up with the bio patch. I used my scissors to give it a nick enough to tear my finger into the tegaderm and remove. Only as I was pulling away my pt "jumped" as he had been falling asleep. It was a split second event. I went on about my way. Almost done and I realized I had cut the PICC. I didn't cut it in half, a hairline nick you had to search for. But enough. What happened? Well two hours, countless phone calls, an RN coming out, and arrangements to go to hospital tomorrow, later....it was over. I haven't charted. I can't just yet. All tonight is about wine. And crime show reruns. And more wine. Happy Nursing! #CantWinEmAll
  12. taggart84

    Facebook and small town nursing

    I would untag myself when necessary and move on. It's their story too. They don't have to follow HIPPA, they are the owners of their information. As such, they are legally allowed to tell their story on social media and mention you. I would tell them that I'm grateful for the recognition but I can't be tagged. Don't comment on any statuses that involve their health care obviously, but it doesn't sound like you could be held accountable under the privacy laws if that's what you're worried about.
  13. taggart84

    How Good are You at Staging Ulcers?

    I want to know more about that coccyx wound! I did good on the quiz, but it left me wanting patient charts! Lol
  14. taggart84

    packing wound not healing. Advise?

    I had an abdominal wound pt that had an incision open up. We did a wound vac for a few months then switched to aquacell ag. It's been amazing to see the aquacell work. We aren't packing it per se because it's not tunneled, but lining the wound with moistened aquacell and covering with dry drsg.
  15. taggart84

    Foundations help?

    The objectives in the front of each chapter are a great starting point, also the end of chapter questions. Use your CD-ROM if your text book came with one. Practice how to answer the questions as much as the content itself.
  16. taggart84

    how hard is it to take a BP????

    I have this great thing that I do...when I am alone with a patient I am an encyclopedia of nursing facts! A champion of education! When ANYONE of upper hierarchy is around, I am a total dumbass. Take it in stride. Surgeons aren't known for their bedside manner...don't take anything they say personal.