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  1. Hello, I know your post was quite a while ago and I hope you eventually got hired over there!! I recently graduated from a BSN program and was contacted to interview with the oncology and cardiology nurse managers. I was wondering if you could give me any information about the types of questions you were asked and whether or not to fill out the RN endorsement application which I also have in hand now. THANKS A BUNCH!
  2. Hello all, I am a May 2013 graduate from a BSN program and I have an interview for the UIHC nurse residency program with an oncology and cardiology nurse managers coming up. I'm not sure what types of questions to expect, but I was wondering if anybody in particular had interviewed for a spot with the hospital previously. I'm assuming the general questions about why the hospital, personality questions and a few clinical scenarios related to each topic (oncology and cardiology). ANY help is appreciated!!!
  3. I am a new grad BSN RN officially as of July 2013. If I am able to work as a home health RN, should I do this while continuing my job search? Ideally, I want to work in acute care or critical care areas because this is where I had my capstone experience. But I want to be as proactive as possible and keep getting experience somehow! Any help/advice please!