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  1. bobsmithlpn

    Older guys like me, how did you get started?

    Hi Jeff. Welcome to the brotherhood. I was a medical assistant and wanted to take advantage of the tuition reimbursement my employer offered. Called around (this was 1992- before I had internet access). The ADN school never called back, the LPN school did. Took 3 years, 2 nights/week and every other weekend (usually only takes 2 years, but this was easier on the brain and got me 3 years of reimbursement). Finished school when I was 31. Saved enough lives now- working on a master's in healthcare management. I'll be 43 when I finish. My advice: get an IT job in a hospital, let them pay for night school.
  2. bobsmithlpn

    Why Does It Seem That RN's Hate Us and Hospitals Don't Believe In Us??

    There are good people and idiots in the world, and the letters after their names have little to do with which category they fall into. Personally- when I get the "why didn't you go to RN school?" attitude, I reply with "why aren't you a short, middle-aged Irish guy?" and very few of them are smart enough to understand that I mean that only foolish arrogance would presume that the life path of one person must be the correct one for somebody else. Anyway, I'm working on a master's degree in management now, so will that entitle me to give the BSN's attitude? Nah- I just can't be that petty. Life's too short.