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  1. Rn nclex 2017

    Well today I took my RN boards. 130 questions 20 SATA and a ton of priority and delegations. I couldn't have gotten through it without Uworld. I did the PVT and got the good pop uo. Waiting for the results.
  2. Hesi exit

    I study the green Hesi book, listened to Mark Klimak and Marlene Hurst. I also did 200 questions a day and concentrated on what j was weak in.
  3. Hesi exit

    Took my exit rn hesi today passed with a 1116. At my school you have to pass 2 out of 3. Next exam next Wednesday not looking forward to that awful anxiety again.
  4. Academy for Nursing & Health Occupations

    I'm happy to hear you're starting. Are you going days or nights?
  5. Academy for Nursing & Health Occupations

    Hey Bridgette. Its a lot of dose calculation
  6. 22 yr LPN-going back to get RN

    I'm attending Academy of nursing in West Palm Beach. I'm taking my pre requisite there as well.
  7. 22 yr LPN-going back to get RN

    I've been an lpn for 1 year and I'm over 40. I enrolled into lpn - rn program in November 2015. I'll be finished with my prerequisite in 2 weeks than on to the nursing program. My graduation date will be 4/2017.
  8. What is your current LPN salary

    Drug rehab 22.00 shift differential 25.00 west palm beach
  9. Nursing School Orientation!

    It's an awesome journey. Enjoy!
  10. Starting January 2016

    Awesome I'm so excited for you
  11. Starting January 2016

    I started my program 3 weeks ago. Right now I'm doing microbology and psychology. Congrats
  12. LPN/LVN first paycheck :)

    First paycheck paid bills
  13. Moving to Orlando Florida, help with jobs!

    Try drug rehab also they usually start at 23.00 an hour
  14. What does an addictions nurse do at work?

    It has it's moments. But it is an awarding job when you help give someone a new start on life.
  15. What is the pay rate for a LPN ?

    West palm beach. Recovery center for women