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  1. Hi, I live in the Bay Area and I was wondering if I'd be able to do the WGU pre-licensure program. I looked on their site and it said Southern CA but it also said they have plans to expand so it made me wonder if they have expanded into N. CA yet,...
  2. beckyboo80

    Nursing vs. Teaching

    Why oh why after these great answers am I still drawn to nursing? UGH.
  3. beckyboo80

    Nursing vs. Teaching

    Thank you so so much for all of your thoughtful comments. I appreciate them all.
  4. beckyboo80

    Nursing vs. Teaching

    I know no one can really give me an answer but I thought I'd throw this out there and get opinions. I'm having a hard time deciding whether to continue towards my teaching degree (special ed) or nursing. I have a passion for special needs kids becaus...
  5. beckyboo80

    Chabot College?

    Anyone? Also looking at CSEB and Ohlone. Due to my location, if I get into Chabot I'll be at Valley Care. What I'm wondering, though is what are the schedules like at these schools? What is the earliest and latest time I'll have to arrange for childc...
  6. beckyboo80

    Medical coding?

    I've been researching different fields and one I keep thinking about is billing/coding. I am looking into the Career Step online program. Anyone have insight into what the job outlook is for this career? Any idea what the pay is like? I live in CA (S...
  7. beckyboo80

    Chabot College?

    Did anyone go to Chabot? I'm curious what their schedule is like. What days and times are you in class and clinicals? Thanks!
  8. beckyboo80

    Anyone attending Gurnick Academy LVN program??

    I was wondering how everyone who went to Gurnick is doing now? Did you enjoy the program? Were you able to find a job after and are you now in a bridge program? I'm interested in the Concord campus. But I have a couple questions: If I take A1 & P...
  9. beckyboo80

    Medical Assistant at Kaiser?

    Thank you!! I'm considering MA since I have young kids and regular hours would be nice. Was it tough to get hired at kaiser as a new grad? Do you know what the starting pay is in the SanFrancisco area?
  10. beckyboo80

    Am I being unrealistic? Is nursing maybe not for me?

    What about an OB tech? Would that be a good idea for me?
  11. beckyboo80

    Am I being unrealistic? Is nursing maybe not for me?

    Those are some good points to consider as well. I really wish I could work as a clerk or something in the unit just to get a feel for it.
  12. beckyboo80

    why are you going the LPN route?

    I'm just browsing the forums and still haven't completely decided what to do. I am currently taking prerequisites. The RN program here is extremely competitive and is something like M-TH 7am-5pm, clinicals as early as 5:30am...which freaked me out be...
  13. beckyboo80

    Am I being unrealistic? Is nursing maybe not for me?

    Yes I understand there are bodily secretions in L&D as well. I was kidding about the "man poo" but yeah, I do worry a bit that I'm too weak in the stomach to tolerate things like that. I have some growing up to do? I'm simply trying to get an ...
  14. beckyboo80

    Is Gurnick opening an RN program?

    OMG. I called two campuses. One said no, the other said yes. The one that said yes wouldn't give specifics, though.
  15. beckyboo80

    Am I being unrealistic? Is nursing maybe not for me?

    You know, I have thought about that and I've actually spent about a month searching online but I have never once seen a job opening on L&D other than an RN! I wonder if where I live they only use RNs on L&D, who knows... But thanks for the ad...
  16. Hi guys. So I'm going to honest here. I'm interested in nursing, but I'm picky with the department I'd like to work in. I'm really only interested in L&D or mom/baby. Not that I'd refuse other units, but those are the ones that made me want to...