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ICUNurseG has 5 years experience and specializes in MICU.

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  1. ICUNurseG

    RRT Roles

    I work in a ~400 bed hospital. We are based in critical care and help out throughout the ICUs only. We help with anything from admissions to crashing pts to turns. Lately due to budget we have to be monitor tech on one end of the unit. So we aren't a...
  2. ICUNurseG

    Adult ICU to NICU

    Happy anyone made the transition from adult ICU to NICU? I have worked adult MICU x5 years and am possibly looking for a new position. Mainly due to poor management issues but also burnout. I'm aware that there are still going to be ethical dilemmas...
  3. ICUNurseG

    Do you pull sheeth from PT while Integrin is running?

    Yes, we do with integrilin. Not heparin, but they shouldn't need a heparin gtt after a stent is placed. We pull if the act is
  4. ICUNurseG

    What is the easiest CRRT machine to use

    Gambro prismaflex here too. They're user friendly and the reps I've met are very knowledgable about the machine and crrt therapy. They teach the training and refresher courses for us. I've met and taken training from other product reps and they are...
  5. ICUNurseG

    Zoning ICU's For Desigantion of Pt's

    This sounds great, but I have to agree with the point that patient flow wouldn't allow for zoning to be optimal. I work in a 24 bed MICU and we have certain rooms with dialysis and one room for remote fetal monitoring. As much as we try to leave thos...
  6. ICUNurseG

    When there isn't an emergency

    Where I work the flight RNs are employed by the hospital. They work 12 h shifts and when they're not flying, they're helping in the ED, doing case studies in ICU, etc. they do a lot of transports, since we are a level 2 trauma center surrounded by ma...
  7. ICUNurseG

    Fundamentals of Critical Care Support by SCCM

    I took it when I had been an ICU nurse for a year. I thought it was a great class and I'm actually looking forward to renewing next year (nerd alert). I don't know if all classes are different, but i remember the stations weren't all skills. There w...
  8. ICUNurseG

    To blood sugar or not to blood sugar. That is the question.

    Yes. Our hospital has a protocol that when someone is started on TF we do accuchecks q6h x 24h. If they're normal, we stop them. Remember, even if they're not diabetic they are probably at risk for hyperglycemia of critical illness. Most pts we star...
  9. ICUNurseG

    Nurses: You've Been LIED to about your Back and Body Mechanics

    The last time we got any safe lifting training was two years ago when our facility purchased "slipper sheets". These are used to transfer pts from bed to bed and pull the pt up in the bed. It's a glorified garbage bag. They work really well transf...
  10. ICUNurseG

    Which is better experience for ICU?

    There are pros and cons to both. ER nursing will give you better skills (IVs, NGs, etc) and critical experience, although where I work new nurses aren't assigned trauma/code rooms for a year (but will still assist w those pts). Floor nursing will tea...
  11. ICUNurseG

    Things Patients Have Taught Me NOT To Do

    Don't use razor blades to clean your oven. They might fall onto your sandwich and you could accidentally ingest them. If you're walking down the street and someone offers you Xanax, you don't have to take it from them. And if you do, don't take all ...
  12. ICUNurseG

    Rapid response protocols

    Thanks! Does a physician or advanced practice nurse respond as well?
  13. ICUNurseG

    Rapid response protocols

    Does your hospital have any nurse-driven protocols for RRTs? Where I work were limited to ACLS protocol, but a physician is expected to show up. We are wanting to implement protocols to use in case a physician is late or doesn't show, especially for...
  14. ICUNurseG

    Difficult family (Long)

    That is ridiculous. I usually mention "fire code" when people ask for chairs and that shuts them up. Although I don't know if it would have worked for that family.
  15. ICUNurseG

    IS MICU/SICU too much for New Grad?

    Honestly, it depends. I started in MICU as a new grad three years ago. I also worked as a tech in an ICU for 3 years, and did my school practicum in the unit I work in. I highly suggest working as a tech or even job shadowing in a critical care unit...