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  1. Our physical therapy department uses the moist heat packs that are placed in a cover and then applied to the patient. I recently came into this position and inherited this issue that has evidently been discussed before. Evidently the covers were not ...
  2. Changing catheter drainage bag...Infection risk?

    The director is asking about this I think mainly to justify only getting caths with urometer in the ICU. The thing is that even if this is done a majority of caths are placed prior to ICU admit.
  3. Changing catheter drainage bag...Infection risk?

    Yes they have some experience on thr floor but only in a small hospital ICU. There has been no issue in infection related to this topic. I thought it would come down to a technique issue also.
  4. I have had a department director approach me about a catheter question that I was not for sure of the answer to. Sometimes a foley cath is placed and then there are changes with the pt that require close output monitoring. The original bag for the c...
  5. Yes, this is one reason why we are now trying to figure out something different. The staff is trying to avoid going to the dirty utility area after every pt. Could they put a second sharps container in the room and use it for instruments if it is pro...
  6. Our wound center uses instruments on almost every pt. They had been keeping the instruments in a bowl under the sinks in the room. I just recently took over as IC and have told them that we can not do that. Their question was how do they remove the i...
  7. Dirty Utility room/area

    The closed room has no sink which is the only thing they need a dirty for. Nothing clean would be kept in this area. Cleaning supplies in the cabinets and at end of the day the sink would be used for cleaning instruments. The area would not be used m...
  8. cutting sterile drape

    The current argument is that sterile field is broken when the hole is cut and then contamination is made when surgeon pulls hand back through. When director of surgery was asked scenario she said that as soon as drape was cut the field was broken and...
  9. cutting sterile drape

    The scenario is a c-section is being performed and the baby needs to be disengaged. The surgeon cuts a hole in drape and reaches through to the vagina and pushes baby up. He then pulls his hand back through the hole and removes top glove since he is ...
  10. Dirty Utility room/area

    I was asked by our wound care department about getting rid of their dirty utility room. They were using an exam room for it that they were needing as an exam room again. All they use their dirty utility for is prewashing instruments at the end of the...
  11. cutting sterile drape

    Hello, I am not an operating room nurse and some of the sterile technique info i learned in school is a little fuzzy. My question contains a couple of components. 1. If a sterile drape is cut does that break the sterile field and need to be re-drap...