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  1. Mariachi

    Graduate nurse (GN) salary in NM

    It's solid starting pay for most places in the state.
  2. Mariachi

    New grad-friendly hospitals?

    I got interviews at hospitals in Las Cruces and Santa Fe. I got referred to managers in Albuquerque but no interviews there so far. Good luck!
  3. Mariachi

    New Mexico new grad RN salary

    The places I've talked with in the south go $23-24.
  4. I graduated in May and I know several classmates who have gotten positions in the Philly area. There are still far more without jobs though so persistence, networking, and a solid resume/cover are essential. I would start networking now especially if you have a hospital in mind. Making your resume compatible with the computerized applicant tracking systems will also be helpful in getting it noticed more readily. Just google "applicant tracking system resume" for some tips on that.
  5. Mariachi

    job search

    I can certainly sympathize with your frustration. Although I don't have your healthcare experience, I've also had trouble finding a job thus far. What I've done is take a step back and check all my documents. I revamped my resume and cover letter, and I got more people to take a look at it and made sure it was optimized so the computers that categorize it will rate it higher. I'm trying to suss out any hospital contacts and see if someone can get me a lead anywhere. Other than that, I just remain patient. There are hiring waves for new grads and for some hospitals that may not be until sometime this month or September. If all else fails, I'll move to someone more rural or take a non-hospital job if possible. Best of luck to you!
  6. I don't have any gaps or negatives to explain away. Any suggestions on how to use this space?
  7. Mariachi

    New grad-friendly hospitals?

    Probably a shot in the dark considering how inactive this board is, but is anyone aware of new grad friendly hospitals in New Mexico? Doesn't matter how small, if you've heard of something I'd appreciate any replies. Thank you!
  8. Mariachi

    Thomas Jefferson University Interview

    From what I remember: Why do you want to be a nurse? What does it mean to be a nurse? Strengths/weaknesses. Are you open-minded? (since Philly is diverse, etc.) Future goals Tell me about yourself. There were more but I don't remember. It's pretty casual. Just prep like any job interview - play up your strengths, dress professionally, etc.
  9. Mariachi

    Nursing programs in Philadelphia area

    I believe West Chester and Eastern University also have accelerated programs that may be cheaper (been a while since I checked though). Most hospitals don't hire that many ADNs though there are exceptions especially those after Magnet designation. You could get your ADN, try landing a job at a nursing home or long-term care facility, and work on a RN-to-BSN on the side if your ultimate goal is a hospital job.
  10. Mariachi

    38y/o male nurse?

    I went into a BSN program in my early 30's with a young family no problem. There were a couple other guys in their 40's and 50's. In the hospital there's always the occasional patient who prefers not to have males, but I was also surprised to find there are also some patients who prefer males. I imagine your background in bio will help you out. If you're doing a two-year program, definitely try to do some externships on the side - I know of many people who land their first job that way. Hope that helps!
  11. Mariachi

    Scripps New Grad Program

    Whoa. They removed the system-wide program for this year? I had it down for April 21 open, but I guess they don't have the census for new grads. So, just La Jolla this year?
  12. Mariachi

    Job Outlook ADN vs BSN

    Definitely BSN. I have a relative who has trouble finding a hospital position with an ADN even in the more rural areas of Lancaster where he lives.
  13. Mariachi

    Scripps New Grad Program

    I am. Best of luck to you!
  14. Mariachi

    Graduation date in CA

    Just out of curiosity, when do most schools graduate their BSNs in California in spring? We graduate mid to late May here in the Phildelphia region. Just wondering if it's any earlier on the West Coast.
  15. Mariachi

    Great Apps for Great Nurses

    Good apps. I'm not a fan of Nursing Central though. We use it for nursing school. It does a good basic job, but Tabers, Davis, and some of the other resources can be lacking at times. Plus you need to pay for it. Microdex and Epocrates are good free resources and give you just as much (and sometimes better) info than what one can get on the Nursing Central resources. Medscape is another that I've found useful (and free!).
  16. My format also changed. I just hope that's a web preview only, and they get the properly formatted file directly.