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Critical Care, Cardiac
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6 years of acute care experience in both large academic medical centers and smaller community hospitals, with an emphasis on cardiac and medical surgical nursing. Recently transitioned to a Coronary Care Unit to further my expertise in critical care.

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    Atlanta vs Dallas opportunities

    Cardiac RN here with 6 years experience considering relocation for a staff position in Atlanta or Dallas. Still in very early planning stages, but I have researched Emory in Atlanta or UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. Does anyone have personal experience with the regions or medical centers they'd be willing to share? My main points of consideration are: *salary relative to cost of living. How far does my hourly wage go? Retirement perks? *overall nurse culture and happiness. Rewarding work environment? Opportunity for advancement? *cities. I like both. Less familiar with Dallas. Looking for safe areas where I'd one day likely purchase a home. (Althoug I hear TX property taxes are insane). *Houston may be a distant 3rd place runner up. But I don't think I could deal with the heat Thanks in advance for any info, everyone.