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  1. misslyss088

    TWU Houston Spring 2015 Applicants

    The TEAS tests will be different each time you take it. They may have a few of the same questions, but not all of them.
  2. misslyss088

    Cohort 14, National University FRESNO

    No one here going to NU in Fresno? ?
  3. misslyss088

    National University April 2015

    I know I'm in a different location, but I met with an advisor to go over my transcripts. This way you can be there while they tell you what transfers and what does not, and recommend classes for you
  4. misslyss088

    National University April 2015

    Did you get in??? I applied and was accepted (as of yesterday:roflmao:) to cohort 14 in Fresno, CA, beginning in April 2015. Good luck to you! I am hoping to find some people in my area as well :)
  5. Hi everyone, my name is Alyssa! I just got news that I was accepted to National University's BSN Program Cohort 14 to begin in April 2015. I am starting this thread in hopes to find my fellow classmates that will also be in this cohort. Also to start a thread for NU in Fresno, because I haven't been able to find one. So if you are in the cohort, in the area or have any question please post!
  6. misslyss088

    Enter your TEAS V Scores here!!

    I HIGHLY recommend taking the offical TEAS test at another university, if you have that option. Nothing prepared me the way that taking the test did. When you are done, the printout contains the page numbers and topics that you need to study from the ATI study guide.
  7. misslyss088

    Enter your TEAS V Scores here!!

    I took my exam yesterday! It was my third try, I passed the other 2 times but needed a higher score, as my program is very competitive. My advice is to take the official TEAS test BLIND, but do so in advance of your "official" school test. I paid another local univeristy (not my school) a sitting fee of $40 to take the official teas. It is worth the extra money. I highly recommend doing this because this will allow you to see what the actual test is like. This will also allow you to see what areas you need to study the most. After you take your practice test, the 3rd page of the print out will tell you exactly what pages and areas you missed, that way you are able to review the exact areas. Seriously, for me, nothing prepared me like taking the actual TEAS test. Good luck and happy studying! Program Type: BSN Adjusted Individual Total Score: 83.3% ATI Academic Preparedness Level: Advanced Mean - National: 64.3% Mean - Program: 70.6% Percentile Rank - National - 93 Percentile Rank - Program - 85 Reading Adjusted Individual Score - 92.9% Mathematics - 80.0% Science - 72.9% English and Language Usage - 90.0%