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PCnurse88 has 5 years experience and specializes in medsurg, progressive care.

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  1. PCnurse88

    PCCN Certification 2018

    I used: 1) Ace the PCCN You Can Do It, review questions by Nicole Kupchick 2) AACN's Essentials of Progressive Care Nursing 3) PCCN Exam Practice Questions by Mometrix 4) The AACN's progressive care nurse review course, with accompanying prin...
  2. I actually recommend not doing any certifications other than maybe BLS. This is for a few reasons: 1) Many hospitals will pay for you to do certifications, especially if it's required. If they don't pay for it, they may offer bonuses or partial re...
  3. I used to think like that, too. I drove an hour and a half one way to my first nursing job for 15 months before I finally had to change to a hospital closer to home. I was literally falling asleep driving home on the busiest highway in my state. Now ...
  4. PCnurse88

    Patient waking up during CPR

    The very first time I did CPR the patient woke up and immediately grabbed me while I was doing compressions. I was so shocked the only reason I didn't fall off the bed was because the chief resident was standing next to me and had a hand on my back t...
  5. Agreed, it varies facility to facility. At my per diem, the nurse has to help the patient fill out the MRI screening; at my full-time, it is the job of the MRI tech. Pre-op checklist falls to the night shift nurse who takes care of them the midnight ...
  6. PCnurse88

    Med-Surg Certification

    The AMSN website has a few suggestions for course materials. I'm also studying for my exam, so I don't know which ones will be better for passing as I haven't tested, but I'm using and/or looking into the following based on AMSN's recommendations: ...
  7. PCnurse88

    Best way to learn IV skills?

    Some places will let you spend a day where all you'll do is start IVs: ED, pre-op, outpatient endo.
  8. PCnurse88

    How do you get a job at the hospital with only a cpr cert?

    With JUST a CPR cert and no prior experience? Slim to no chance of getting any sort of hospital job that would help in nursing school. If you can manage it, I'd say take a CNA course and try to work as an aide. Some hospitals hire nursing students as...
  9. PCnurse88

    How is everyone gettig their text books

    Depends on what classes you're taking but I would rent as many as possible, especially for any non-nursing classes (is Bridgeport a 4-year nursing program, or do you have to do pre-reqs first and then last 2 years are officially a nursing student?). ...
  10. PCnurse88

    New Graduate Job Search

    St. Francis, Hartford Hospital, and Stamford Hospital all do a new grad residency type of program. I know all 3 post the residency in March, not sure if they do it several times a year (some do, some don't). I know Danbury is on a new grad hiring spr...
  11. PCnurse88

    Clinicals / High School Jobs

    Updating my resume because I start my new job in a couple days! Two quick questions: 1) Is it time to take clinicals off my resume? I kept them on because my first manager as a new grad had worked at several of the hospitals despite being a differ...
  12. PCnurse88

    New Med-Surg RN

    My unit sounds similar to yours - everyone had their own personalities but, collectively, they dealt with new grads REALLY well (and still do). During the last few weeks my preceptor would also take the role of charge RN because I was taking on her f...
  13. PCnurse88

    Yale-New Haven Unit Visit / Job Shadow

    Woo, congrats!!
  14. PCnurse88

    Rant about toenails

    Had a patient with NO past medical history in for respiratory distress following pneumonia, young and totally alert/oriented/capable, whose significant other asked if I could clip the patient's toenails. Umm what? No. Even if I was allowed to (our...
  15. PCnurse88

    Yale-New Haven Unit Visit / Job Shadow

    Let us know how it goes. YNHH is one of my goal work environments. Best of luck to you both!
  16. PCnurse88

    I think I'm going to quit during orientation

    Oops, missed that part. Sorry, BuckyBadger! This certainly teaches me to read a little more thoroughly before inserting my foot in my mouth.