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    LTC nurse moving on to med surg

    I've been a nurse for 5 years, working mainly in longterm care and home health care. I recently took the plunge and decided to apply to the med surg unit at my hospital (the nursing home I work for is attached to the main hospital). I'm both excited, and really nervous! I have a 2-3 month long orientation, so it's not like I'm being blindly thrown into a new realm of nursing. But I would greatly appreciate any tips or advice from other med surg nurses! What skills should I brush up on? How is handling 5-6 acute patients compared to handling 20-24 relatively stable LTC patients? How is time management utilized differently in med surg compared to LTC? I've also thought about looking into either books or online learning material to brush up on some skills and knowledge that I haven't used since nursing school, or haven't dealt with as frequently in longterm care (I.e. acute disease processes, certain pharmaceuticals, emergency care/treatments, etc). Any recommendations? Thank you kindly!
  2. Hello! I am an RN student, and also work as a PCA on the side. I have a resident who wears tight-fitting turtle neck style shirts, and I am responsible for getting her undressed at the end of the night. This may seem like a silly question, but I have trouble getting her shirt off of her sometimes; I feel like there is no true comfortable way to undress her. I generally undress patients starting with one arm, the head, and then the opposite arm; but with this tight of a fit, it seems like there is no way to avoid an arm or head getting stuck in the shirt! Any tips? Has anyone run into this problem before?

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