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  1. Update: for months I had no pending charges and no arrest record and was very confused. Well, today, MY CASE WAS DISMISSED. They decided to never charge me. I think my lawyer really emphasized this could ruin my career and they did me a huge favor... I'm not sure if I have to report this ticket if I never had an arrest record and never had pending charges, so I will be consulting with my other attorney who will be dealing with the BON in my state. I think the prosecutor really just saved my job and career here, and I'm so relieved.
  2. Thank you so much for your support and advice
  3. She explicitly said not to, as she thinks based on a prior case she had I will not even get monitoring. I don't think you should go into a monitoring program or talk to those people without a lawyer doing that for you...
  4. Update: talked to my lawyer yesterday for the first time. She informed me that if I get the charges dropped when they charge me, I just have to report it during the renewal period and she thinks they won't even bother with an investigation based on her previous clients. If I get deferred judgement, she said I have a strong case for no intervention: I got that initial drug test and it's all negative, I have good evaluations at work and have never been disciplined in any way, etc. She will be recommending a psychiatrist to evaluate me and said she's very knowledgeable and we will use her recommendations if necessary, and it's unlikely she'd recommend anything. She also said she's the cheapest in this area so that's a plus! If worst comes to worst? She said she negotiates every single monitoring contract. She also said my hospital tends to fire those who get contracts while employed, and if worst came to worst, I would simply put in my two weeks until everything can be fixed and my deferred judgement (if everything goes badly) expunged. Total cost of lawyer so far: 2k, and about $50 for a urine. 1.5k for the criminal lawyer as well
  5. Luckily it was just the possession ticket. They tried to bust me for a DUI but I definitely had nothing in me and they refused to administer a breathalyzer or blood test when I demanded, do I did their stupid field test and passed. My criminal lawyer says he will attempt to get the charges dropped. As far as the actual charges go, they haven't even charged me yet and I'm going to consult with my nurse attorney about when I have to report IF I get deferred judgement, which is the worst case scenario. I would have to report the deferred judgement in my state, unfortunately. The only thing with my hospital job is I'm highly worried about the criminal side of things, like if they formally charge me (likely) and with me in deferred judgement. Like, will they be required to fire me if I have deferred judgement for a misdemeanor that will pop up in a background check. It's the only hospital system besides like two independent-but-crappy hospitals in about 45 minutes, so I absolutely want to avoid the "do not rehire" at ALL costs. The good news is my hospital apparently has a facilitator for the state alternative to discipline program, and he is in HR. Apparently he's been through the program as well. In addition, I talked to the program director anonymously, and she encouraged me to report asap (NO thanks) even though I had a negative drug test. And she asked what hospital I worked at and eventually told me "oh that's very good they try to keep employees in their jobs." But again, if there's any chance I'll be on the "do not rehire" list I'm out until I can get it expunged, worst case. I'm trying my best not to worry, but as you can see, I'M CLEARLY freaking out and getting very specific. 😂 I keep telling myself whatever happens will happen. But I can control a bit of it, and that's what my lawyer is for. I'll definitely keep you all updated. I do have a psych history so I'm afraid they'll be like oh, look at you (even though mine is a bit complicated as I'm currently only diagnosed with autism and ADHD and I DON'T take stimulants). Basically all of my psych history is heavily tied to awful childhood experiences and my autism (anxiety, etc). My psych issues tend to mostly go away when I'm not around abusive people. But you know how the board is.. Nursing wasn't supposed to be the end of the road for me. I got into nursing for personal reasons but it's a good job to have when you are going back to school for what you really want to do, as I couldn't at the time. I'm just wondering if now is the time to cut my losses or if I should stick it out. I may want to go into engineering, so whatever happens, I don't want to just surrender my license or have a mark.
  6. Not even a year into my career. Long story, a possession ticket (it was not mine but the passenger). Marijuana. Doesn't matter if it's not mine because it's my car I guess. Immediately took a drug test at LabCorp less than 48 hours after receiving ticket. I am getting a hair follicle test this week. I haven't been formally charged yet. My pretrial hearing is in a few weeks. I'm hoping to get case dropped, but pretending it will not even happen. Even if it DID get dropped, I suspect I have to report that I was ticketed. I have obtained a lawyer for the criminal charges and am going to speak to a nurse attorney from TAANA this week as well. I'm not sure if it'll even help. I hear my state has a program that's similar to Florida. I do have mental health issues that haven't messed with my job at all, but I'm afraid this will just be used against me. I put myself on psych meds that aren't addicting. Other than this, not even a speeding ticket my entire life. I guess what I'm looking for is a little support and also... I'm wondering if anyone went into it just looking to reduce stipulations in contract I.e. getting to work 3-11, or nights, MINIMAL time off between being cleared to work. It would be nice to have minimal narcotic restrictions, but I'm trying to be realistic. I've actually been put on nights only before as an ADA accommodation, so I'm not sure if my lawyer can argue this case. I might go back to school for a different career depending on what happens and I'd like to be able to work a crappy nursing job in evenings or nights as well. A part of me wants to take FMLA when this happens in the hopes they will take me back to my medsurg floor or allow me to interview with other units, another part wants to resign so I can return to this job eventually just in case so I don't get out on a "do not rehire" list. My case is weird in that all of my coworkers AND my managers know about it and ALSO support me. Any advice here? Nothing legal, just like personally what did YOU do? Go back to school? Did you try to keep your job? Were any of you allowed to work medsurg or something like an obs/tele floor during your narcotic restriction?
  7. Yrztree

    Using a mechanical lift PRN

    These people were both 2 person assists or PRN hoyer and can't really help with transfer. I'll take your advice. It just seemed odd to me to have a hoyer as PRN.
  8. Yrztree

    Using a mechanical lift PRN

    I'm currently getting trained to be an NA at my facility. We were learning to lift people, and a few people whom I feel should be on a lift are ONLY PRN for it. My instructer agreed about the first resident and was going to get them to change her to only a lift. However, on another resident who is paralyzed on one side it seems like and obese, she didn't agree. She said PRN is fine and we have to use our judgement to see if she's able to stand that day or not. When my instructor and another NA lifted her to show us, her feet were dragging and it seemed like they were about to drop her. This woman CANNOT move on her body to either side on her own, even to roll in bed. They said sometimes she can bear a little weight on one leg. Does anyone feel it's safe to let NAs make a judgement call on if a person needs two people to lift or a lift each time they transfer? I feel like this is a lawsuit waiting to happen. I don't understand why a lift would ever be PRN, especially because even the most alert residents can overestimate their capabilities that day. Any advice or thoughts?