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  1. chrty_knox

    PMHNP Job description

    Psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners, tell me about your day at work. Do you work in a facility, prison, private practice or even home health? I am considering applying for UNR PMHNP program in March of 2016 and I want to expand mental healt...
  2. chrty_knox

    Independent R.N in rural Nevada

    Looking for tips, advice, any information. I recently contacted my BON to clarify legal and scope of practice for an independent home health R.N. I still have not heard back but I am interested in learning all the details concerning independent nurse...
  3. chrty_knox

    Legal issues and other topics in private duty nursing

    Thank you. I have helped with injections and other minor things and I would never accept pay for helping a neighbor or friend. I have been approached for more CNA duties such as sitting with an elderly client or setting up medication, or closer monit...
  4. I live in a small rural community and am the only R.N here. I am often asked about doing private duty jobs, but I have always been reluctant of doing so because I feel like I am not covered legally and lack knowledge about all the laws and issues tha...
  5. chrty_knox

    Death of a Dream

    You want it? Then do it, find a way. Now or later, it is up to you. I had to travel with my 18 month old son 160 miles away from my home and my husband to go to nursing school. I got up at 3am to commute to school days. I worked weekends to help pay ...
  6. chrty_knox

    PMHNP at University of North Dakota

    I am going to clarify about the family versus adult. One webpage has info about it being adult only and another information page on the website states it is family. Another possible downside is that students are responsible for their preceptors. Ther...
  7. Just inquired about their BSN to MSN Psych Mental Health NP program. It looks promising, it is accredited and appears to be sound and solid curriculum and affordable. Downside it is adult only program not family/adult/pediatrics. Anyone in their pro...
  8. I love hearing from all of you. Thank you. I think MAYBE I am figuring it out and yes I am prone to some anxiety. Good luck to all of you :)
  9. Hi, PeacockMaiden. I inquired about USA 's PMHNP-DNP and I was told they strongly encourage applicants to have psych experience yet offered an additional class that had had 120 hours of clinical hours as a psych R.N if sufficient clinical experienc...
  10. chrty_knox

    New to Homehealth can you give me feedback on this?

    The VA is also a bit new to me. I made the appropriate calls to his local VA clinic but no Dr. was on staff that day and all the nurse did was make an appointment the following Monday when the Dr. would be in. I followed what the other R.N suggested ...
  11. chrty_knox

    New to Homehealth can you give me feedback on this?

    The veterans VA clinic in our rural town is only open 2 days a week and when I called only an RN was there to answer phone calls there. He had no other established physician outside the VA. The closest VA hospital is 220 miles away. So for concerns o...
  12. [h=3][/h] I have a client who is only on metformin for his diabetes and only occasionally takes his blood sugar. I encouraged him to use his glucometer daily before breakfast. He took it before our visit and it was 380 and in...