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  1. kaybee91

    Jefferson 2021 Applicants

    Hey all! just wanted to start a thread for those of us applying this year! Anybody out there excited to apply in August?!
  2. kaybee91

    Tuition Questions

    Hello Everyone!! I have a question. I have already been accepted to Cedar Crest College in Allentown part-time BSN program. I plan on moving closer to campus at this moment I work at a local hospital as a cna and I am in the process of getting hired at a homecare job that I can do per diem. My only concern is if I have NO prior student loans from my first two years of school can I get loans to completely take care of my last two years of schools tuition???? Cedar Crest College is 853/credit for nursing courses. When I added it all up for my last two years it came to about roughly 52k not including extra fees and books. I also am getting a transfer scholarship from cedar crest which is about 1k. Is it possible to get loans to cover my tuition? I plan on working part time throughout school to pay for living expenses. Any insight would be great!!! Thank You!!!
  3. kaybee91

    saw my tuition estimations...

    Hey Zibi! How did your finanicial situation work out?? I ended up switching to Cedar Crest's part-time summer program after getting a 10k bill for 2 semesters!! So I will be starting in the summer and I hope that will give me time to get my loan out of default! How is the program going???
  4. kaybee91

    Cedar Crest Fall 2014

    Hey zibi, I am on a payment plan for the summer classes which made it easier to afford thank god! I am also doing the weekend accelerated so i can still have somewhat of a summer! I have decided to try for the winter option which will hopefully give me a better chance at affording cedar crest and being able to save up so i can attempt to do a payment plan for the winter session. I am still waiting to be accepted because I have to still pay off a previous balance from another school. So i haven't gotten a teas test date as of this moment.
  5. kaybee91

    Cedar Crest Fall 2014

    Hey Zibi, I hope to be starting in the Fall, I also am forced to take 2 art classes this summer that comes to $2996 for just two classes!!! I am not eligible for financial aid until I pay of my student loan that went into default so I am afraid of what it will cost to pay for school out of pocket until I pay off this loan! I am done with all my prereqs but I am waiting for another transcript before I am officially accepted. Yes it is very difficult to get information which is why I went to the information session.
  6. kaybee91

    Cedar Crest Fall 2014

    Hey Zibi, I went to the information session and I was told that clinicals for Full time were Monday, Wednesday and Friday. All three days.
  7. kaybee91

    Cedar Crest Sage Nurses, Looking for advice

    Thank you so much for the info!!!!
  8. kaybee91

    Cedar Crest Sage Nurses, Looking for advice

    I also have the same questions. Nobody really talks about Cedar Crest =(
  9. kaybee91

    Cedar Crest Fall 2014

    Hello, I am wondering if any one that has been accepted or is currently in the BSN full time Sage nursing program at Cedar Crest college. I have a question about times for clinicals and class? Are the classes and clinicals M-F? Currently I work as a CNA part time in Nazareth every weekend and I do doubles from 3pm-7am. I am considering changing jobs to a nursing home across the street from my house but it is a full time 12hr shifts with every other weekend from 6pm-630am. I am trying to see what sched would work better with the program. Any extra insight or information about the full time program would be great!!
  10. kaybee91

    Physical for CNA training

    Hey guys! This is my first post after stalking for a couple of months now. I finally have a question that I would like some insight on! I got a paid training CNA class where I will be working at a LTC nursing home. My only concern is I was born with an umbilical hernia and got it repaired at age 5. But last year I had another hernia and I got surgery to also get it repaired. My question is I still have to get through physical to fully get the job. On the physical form it asks if I had ever had a hernia which I have but it has an asterisk next to it. So does other things such as back problems, arthritis..etc. things that would stop someone from being able to perform their CNA duties. Do you guys think that having a hernia repair could potentially stop me from getting the job due to that?? Any insight would be great!