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Rawrr88 has 3 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Neonatal/Womens health.

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  1. Hello All, I am wanting to go back to school. I live in Alaska so I dont have but 1 option for in class and that program has a waitlist until 2024. So not wanting to do that. I started UCS last fall and had to stop due to life issues taking over... long story. However now im ready to get back at it and not wanting to spend the 90K for USC. I've heard good and bad about USU...so weighing that option. Im also fine traveling down for campus visits when needed. Just looking for anyone that has some insite.
  2. Rawrr88

    United States university FNP

    Hi everyone, I have been looking into USU and have like many been sceptic...it seems to good to be true. I live in Alaska and we dont have many options for schools. I got my BSN in Arizona at GCU but they dont offer their FNP program in AK. I started at USC last fall and ended up withdrawing due to falling really ill, working, 1yrold, and husband got deployed. It was a hard end of the year. I am now in a place to start over. I dont want to go back to USC not becuase it wasnt good but the price of 90K is not sitting well. Im just wanting to know how people are liking the program currently and if you graduated have you had any issues finding work.... and do you feel it prepared you. I am one to study and study hard. I did hate having to log in multiple times a week for usc.. and group work gallor! LOL Please anyone feel free to message me.
  3. Rawrr88

    University of Southern California FNP Program

    Anyone here by chance in Alaska? I was told another student is in my same town but they couldn't give me details obviously. For being such a big state the fact there is another student here was exciting to here. I'm hoping to find them and connect. :-)
  4. I haven't signed up yet, my advisor called me yesterday and said the week of the 10th i should be assigned a ambassador and then start the sign up process. Yea, I'm worried about cost... I have like 22 months left on my husband's GI bill...but not sure how it works using it a second time.
  5. I just found out I was accepted into the bridge program this fall and I start as a part time student in the spring. I'm sorry this happened to you. I know I am not one to sit back and take negative things such as this. That is completely unfair and unprofessional. I definitely believe in CYA!! I would be pretty ticked off. Other than this how is the program over all?
  6. I found out today I got accepted into the bridge program that starts this fall!!! I'm so excited and scared at the same time.
  7. Rawrr88

    University of Southern California FNP Program

    How are yall liking the program?? I'm waiting to hear if I get in for the fall.
  8. HI, I'm waiting to hear if I got accepted into the fall FNP program. I'm just wanting to see if anyone has heard yet... and see how people plan to pay for it. I have to work and I'm kinda nervous but I am really excited!
  9. Anyone out there apply to USC!!! I did the early application and was told today my application is in the review process. I'm nervous but really excited. I just wanted to see if I could connect with anyone.
  10. Rawrr88

    anybody living in California?

    Is there a post for USC. I cant find any.. I applied for the FNP program starting fall 2019
  11. Rawrr88

    Columbus State University FNP Spring 2019

    Does anyone know if the program can be done from Alaska? I know its a online program but it says to check your state before applying. Im wanting to apply for the Fall 2019 or spring 2020.
  12. Rawrr88

    Deciding between FNP or WHNP but also want CNM

    Thats good to know!
  13. Rawrr88

    Deciding between FNP or WHNP but also want CNM

    Thank you! I have started the process for Frontier getting hand written signed letters has been a process living in alaska LOL. But I applied to GeorgeTown and now looking into Texas Tech. Oh the struggle LOL Im so excited to hear back from Georgetown, they are just really really expensive!!!
  14. Hello fellow Nurses! I have a question and hope a few of you can help me out. I am in Alaska and looking for online NP programs. I am undecided if I want to do FNP or WHNP. I know for sure I want to also get my Midwife cert. I see my dream of being able to treat a mom and baby through all the stages. However as previous NICU nurse and now Family advocate nurse I dont want to walk away from taking care of babies to. I feel like becoming a midwife is not enough as I feel most people see them as granola crunchers... no offense. I want to still be able to work in a clinic or hospital. I dont want my limits to be to tight but also have really no desire to work with any other population other than women and children. I was really ready to settle for Womens Health/ CNM but then I saw some schools offered FNP/CNM and It started the whole process over again of asking myself...what I want to be when I grow up? I am just hoping there are some nurses out there that have gone down this path. Any recommendations for schools that are online would be great. I know i will have to go to campus for some parts as thats what most school require. Thank you all my hard working friends for reading my very long question.
  15. Rawrr88

    Georgetown CNM program worth it?

    Did you end up going to GT???
  16. Rawrr88

    Georgetown CNM/WHNP Spring 2019

    I just applied for Fall of 2019. I feel like my interview was terrible to. Any inside on the cost per semester and financial assistance?? Thats what I'm really worried about if I get in...

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