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  1. Due to the competitiveness of getting into Community College Nursing prerequisite courses...I was wondering if an online school might be another option? I know all schools have different rules when it comes to the transfer of credits. I know that subjects like Anatomy and Chemistry require class and lab so those need to be taken at a physical school but what about Algebra classes? I was just wondering if anyone else has sought this option out and if so what were your findings?
  2. Thank you all for the feedback! I appreciate it soo much :). I think I will definitely look into medication aide, it makes more sense for working as a CNA and continuing my education. If I would have taken the EKG/Phlebotomy I would have had to miss next semester Chemistry and Math super important!
  3. Hey! Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it! Patient Care Technician is what I was originally looking for but I couldn't find zip! That's when I came across the Ekg/Phlebotomy courses and thought well..thats what a Patient Care Tech does right? My mother in law told me that a PCT is the old term for MA? On my google journey I found that CNA's can be trained by the hospital they work in but when they do they have nothing to show for it, no certificate is given to the CNA. There are no schools for PCT's in California are there?
  4. Hi! Can anyone help me with this dilemma?! I recently became certified as a Nursing Assistant in the state of California! ​My ultimate goal is to get my Associates degree in Nursing which I am getting close, I have been going full time so I have one more year of prerequisites before I can apply. My living situation will change by next year in the fall which means I need to find a job as a cna asap and start saving. I know cna's don't make much which is why I would like to get some vocational training in another area that way I can look more appealing to employers and land a job in a hospital. I found a couple of schools that teach the Ekg Technician course combined with the Phlebotomy Technician course but they are all soo far but not far enough to not make the effort. My research led me to a lot of Medical Assistant schools. I read the job description and it turns out some schools teach ekg reading for medical assistant course which kind of ends up being the same as ekg tech and phlebotomy tech right? MA is just extra schooling, taught medical office skills, something I never considered doing because I don't want to be put behind a desk I want to be on the floor helping and providing medical care for patients. MA is about 8 months and the price range is not good for my budget and the Ekg/Phlebotomy is 10 weeks and $1,450. I understand it is very hard to get a job as an entry level anything! Especially Ekg and Phlebotomy! I just don't want to invest time and money into this shorter program when the longer program could better benefit my income now and benefit my skills in my future nursing career. Help? Anyone?!