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  1. mbl2013

    Should I Stay in School?

    My husband is in the National Guard in WNY and I am trying to get into nursing school for the RN program. I talked to admissions and there is an opening for the bridge program. We have moved 3 times already and I am finally back where I started 3 years ago. We just moved again from NJ back to NY this year I only have this semester before I am done with prereqs and all my credits transferred thankfully. He is getting stationed in Michigan this April and I am wondering if it is better to stay or take a chance and reapply to another school. He is all for me staying, but I am curious if I would have trouble getting in to another school. I already am not doing so great in one of my classes and I am afraid of applying there if I do get a bad grade. Any advice to be helpful.
  2. I am taking microbiology lab and I just bombed my lab practical. I got the color of identifying the gram stain wrong and flunked. I thought it was purple when it was a hard pink. Anyway, I'm so upset because I got a 70 on the first quiz and now I'm worried I'm going to fail. My gpa is a 3.6, so this would affect it and I work hard to get that. I know it's 5%, but the point is that I'm worried I cannot bring this grade up. I'm more embarrassed than anything because it was an easy gram staining test. I just, I don't know, overthought the answer. I'm trying to get into the lpn-rn bridge and have been on a waiting list for 1 year while I get my prereqs done and it all rides on bio lab/lecture and my teas test which I need to take in November. I feel as though I pushed everything to the last minute because I'm scared you-know-what because I'm afraid of not passing this teas and throwing all this I worked for away. Not only that, but I'm changing careers and feel like the most stressed out older mom in class which makes it worse when I do fail. I should know better to be more prepared. Ugh! Anyone else get in this predicament. On the verge of failing and being a complete procrastinator? Do I have any chance of getting my grade up past a C? I'm so scared.
  3. mbl2013

    Lvn RN the same as BSN RN??

    LPN was quicker when it came to wait lists for the RN and BSN programs.
  4. mbl2013

    RN program Erie Community College

    Did you have a wait time? Did you have to take a lot of pre-reqs before applying? I am an LPN too and I was looking into that college.
  5. mbl2013

    Phlebotomy Training in NJ or PA

    Are there any certification courses for becoming a Phlebotomy Technician in Trenton NJ or surrounding areas such as Philadelphia? I am looking for a program that is 8 weeks or less. I am an LPN and I have been looking for work for over a 1 1/2 years. I am currently doing my pre-reqs for the RN program, but I hear the waiting list is very long. I thought Phlebotomy would be a great certification to have right now. I am desperate for a job and every place I applied at wants over a year of experience or they are over an hour drive away. That and my husbands job has us moving every 3 years or less, so getting hired has been difficult. We have moved 3 times since I got my license. The Phlebotomy programs at the community colleges are very expensive and some over 18 months long. I called the American Red Cross and NJ and PA are states they do not offer any certification courses. Go figure. The only place I found is AIMS Education, but I am not familiar with that. Any information would be so great.
  6. My husband is in the military and he got two posts to choose from and one is Fort Polk. We will be there for 3 years and I want to get an LPN job and try to get my RN degree too. I am an LPN now and I would like some information about this area and the surrounding areas concerning jobs? Are there many nursing jobs in the area? Is it hard to get an LPN job at the military hospital? Are there many colleges that offer a bridge program? Is it too hard to get into college? I have done research for the area, but I have not personally asked anyone about it. I also was told that getting a license endorsement is hard too. Is that true? If anyone lives in the area and can give me some advice about my prospects, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you
  7. mbl2013

    Trenton NJ..any info please

    My husband is in the military and he got a two posts to choose from and one is Fort Dix which is outside of Trenton NJ. We will be there for 3 years, so we are deciding on the best place for me to advance my career and get a job during that time. Where we are now there is such a large population that there are no LPN jobs and the waiting lists for schools is very long. Let's just say, I have been job hunting for 7 months here and there is nothing. I am an LPN and I would like some information about this area and the surrounding areas concerning jobs? Are there many lpn jobs in the area? I have noticed many nursing programs within 50 miles and want to know if there are long waiting lists for any lpn-rn bridge programs? Is the competition too great there to get into college? Is this area a great place to advance? If anyone lives in the area and can give me some advice about my prospects, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you
  8. mbl2013

    Class is getting unbearable

    I live in the western part of NY state and they are a variety of different women. Thanks for all your comments. I am just counting down the days.
  9. Even though this is my first post, I have been a lurker for over a year and I love reading everyone's comments. So I am hoping I will get some advice. A little info. My LPN class started last fall so I only have around 10-11 weeks to go until graduation. Our class has around 25 women and one male. We have two classroom days and two clinical days. There are three groups of around seven people in each clinical group that go to separate hospitals/nursing homes. At first my class was fine. No issues and everyone got along for the most part. There were groups of people but, no real clique's. That is until around a month or two ago. It started with two rude women and since then, their group has included a total of 12 now and each week there is someone new that joins their group. It seems that these two women are very mean and gossipy and what happens is that each week they will talk to a person or get really chummy with them and the next day that person will not speak to you and when they do they are very nasty and short. It just seems that I will talk with someone for weeks and have good nice conversations and then 'poof' they go out to lunch with the group and I don't get a hello. At first I thought it was my imagination or I was being paranoid but, it seems it be a common occurrence. I though that maybe I brought it on myself, but I am nice to everyone and I try to help anyone that needs it. I am not a social butterfly but, either are a group of people I still speak too. Some are just very mean and some will snicker when you walk by. They clearly make it obvious that they are talking about certain people. It's just annoying and I am so sick of it. They are not young. They are a diverse group between 22-50, so it's not like a bunch of teens. It's not just me who has noticed the changes in people either. At first, it did not bother me but, now it feels sad that I once spoke to you now you are so different. I hate going to class more and more each day because of them. I know I have only 2 months to go and soon I won't see them again. I am glad that the major instigators are not in my clinical group, however; one of the women I used to speak to has stopped speaking to me so that frustrates me. I feel like I am in high school again. Are people that in need of acceptance that they really turn into a mean person because of influence? I just don't get it. Do other people have this same problem? Long rant, I just needed some advice and a place to vent. Thanks.