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  1. nurse1903

    LSU CRNA 2021

    I wasn't able to find a thread for LSU 2021 so thought I'd get one started.
  2. nurse1903

    University of Colorado Hospital

    I am looking at relocating to Denver and am curious if anyone works at this hospital and if they could give me some insight into how it runs and if it is a good place to work (Compensation, hours, benefits etc) I've seen a lot of job postings on their website for travel contracts and of course some for permanent staff for all of the ICUs there. (Currently with 4+ years in the ICU) Is this because of the general nursing shortage going on in the country again or for some other reason? Thanks in advance for any info.
  3. nurse1903

    University of Maryland CRNA 2020

    My status changed from completed yesterday to committee review today.
  4. nurse1903

    Rutgers CRNA 2020

    Anyone have any updates from Rutgers? Been checking online but still says no decision. Getting anxious waiting
  5. nurse1903

    University of Maryland CRNA 2020

    Mine still says completed.
  6. nurse1903

    Rutgers CRNA 2020

    Yes! Since I last posted mine now show as received... thank goodness. They probably have a few extra transcripts of mine running around too. ha!
  7. nurse1903

    Rutgers CRNA 2020

    Just finished submitting all of my supplemental info and fee to Rutgers... anyone else show that their transcripts aren't received even though they were sent a month ago? Is it just a lag in system?
  8. nurse1903

    Alameda County Medical Center

    Does anyone work here or have any information about this hospital? Patient population? General reputation of the hospital? Really any information would be better than no information. I have a potential travel contract here and would like to know more about it before I sign the dotted line. :) Thanks so much!
  9. nurse1903

    Travel Nursing

    I'm considering travel nursing. I am working with a recruiter at this time trying to find a good match! There is a pediatric unit that is hiring RN's with little to no experience. I have a few years of med/surg experience with adults. Can any travelers who have worked in an unfamiliar unit give me some insight into what to expect? Is an orientation program offered for these situations? Is it a good idea to go into a new unit while traveling? I can imagine it would be incredibly stressful.. but maybe I'm wrong. Thank you!
  10. nurse1903

    Changing from Med/Surg to Critical Care

    Thank you both for your advice. I have been applying to everything in hopes that someone will be willing to train me. I don't want to give up on my dreams of moving out of med/surg. I'm working towards getting ACLS completed and possibly becoming med/surg certified as well.
  11. nurse1903

    CA Nursing License via Endorsement from Missouri

    Getting licensed by endorsement in CA takes ages.. start as soon as you can or just apply directly without endorsement.
  12. Management can make or break it too
  13. I remember in nursing school the thing that was constantly harped upon were the opportunities that nursing holds for you and the endless possibilities of change. Now that I am in the nursing world I am actually finding that to be incredibly false. I have 2+ years on a med/surg unit and keep being turned down for practically everything that is not a med/surg position. For example; being turned down for an ED position that required one year of ED experience.. no, I don't have that experience, but how do I get it if no one will hire me? I'm confused why it seemed to be easier to get my first job that it is to advance to something more specialized. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do? Thank you!
  14. nurse1903

    Nurse Recruiters

    Hey everyone- I am moving to the SF area in two months with my fiance who recently got promoted. I have started the process to get my CA RN license. In the meantime, I was going to reach out to recruiters; but I can't seem to figure out how to find them... Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!!

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